⭐ TIP: Having A Smoother Scene ⭐

First of all, the Episode Guide even talks about this issue:

This is a tutorial on making your scene more smooth and making a character start an animation while another character speaks.

After a character finishes talking, they will be in the end of the pose (also, let’s say if you use talk_gesture with character A, if you click the screen too fast they will still be doing talk_gesture as character B talks). You may notice character A is still doing the end of the animation of talk_gesture as character B speaks. It will look extremely awkward as character A’s arms are outstretched towards character B who is, let’s say, giving a speech. What if character B calls them an idiotic monkey and character A is still just smiling there, still in the end of the animation talk_gesture since you, the writer didn’t make them start another animation? Why is character A smiling and has his hands out while being insulted?! Fix this, by making character A do a bunch of different animations while character B speaks. This will bring your animated story more to life because readers will be bored of seeing their facial expression not change after many lines of dialogue. Sometimes the animation they were last in even looks awkward. You do not want them frozen in one animation for so long. Go for awesome, not awkward. Dazzling, not demonic. Excellent, not eye shattering :joy: :lol: :smiling_imp:

  • Make the character do a different animation after they say a line of dialogue and before the other character speaks.

HOW TO: Have a character do an animation while another one speaks:


&CHARACTER B is listen
CHARACTER A (talk_angry)
You are an idiotic monkey.


@CHARACTER B starts listen
CHARACTER A (talk_angry)
You are an idiotic monkey.

&CHARACTER B is listen = @CHARACTER B starts listen

When it comes to animations, using & or starts means they (in this case CHARACTER B) will do the animation at the same time CHARACTER A is talking.


Example of a Bad Script And Why

BAD script:

JERK (talk_exclaim_yes)
Then that’s what I’ll have.

JEM (talk_explain_neutral)
A cheesecake with strawberry cream it is.

JEM (talk_exhausted)
That’s what you’ll have for your grand birthday.

WHY it’s bad: It’s extremely awkward as the character is stuck in the talk_exclaim_yes_happy animation. The girl in the first panel’s pose is also off. It looks very strange.

Picture + Pointing the Flaws in the picture



Fixing the Bad Script

JERK (talk_exclaim_yes)
Then that’s what I’ll have.

#make JERK start a non-talking animation. Use & or starts

JEM (talk_explain_neutral)
A cheesecake with strawberry cream it is.

#make JERK do another animation to make your story more animated.

JEM (talk_exhausted)
That’s what you’ll have for your grand birthday.


GOOD script + why

GOOD script:

&MOM is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop

HOPE (talk_exclaim_yes_happy)

&MOM is idle_awkward_scratch_loop

HOPE (talk_primp_neutral)
Finally freedom.

&HOPE is react_shocked_gasp

MOM (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
I’m sending Robert with you.

*remember to adjust zooms and speechbubbles accordingly. Also you can put the character who’s speaking at a higher layer, and then when they’re not speaking, at a lower layer.

WHY it’s good: After a new line of dialogue, the mother does a different expression in response to what her daughter says. The girl also does a new animation instead of staying stuck in the previous animation.

Picture + pointing out the good things in the picture




Looping Animations + Extra Stuff

By the way you want to avoid this in your script as well (picture from the Episode Guides):

So aim for a nice flow, not an awkward one.

Helpful Resources to check out

Appreciation Thread For Jem! ❤


You can also find a bunch of tutorials on epyxmagic :unicorn: :blob_hearts:

Hope this tip helps! Have a great day :chef: :rose: :star:


This is great tip, I see it in so many stories that authors do not do this.


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