Tip: Using the Becomes Command (in greater detail) ❤ 🌻

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First of all, do read over this:

Here’s screenshots of how you would go about it (using a duplicate of the MC, when they’re younger). It can work for MC’s twin, sister, mother, etc. If main character is a girl. It doesn’t work with the other gender meaning if you make a guy character become a girl character…it will mess the guy up! So instead, you need to place him offscreen (ex. Father, brother) and every time, the MC changes, for example, skin color, so does father or brother offscreen. A girl character can become a girl and a guy can also become another guy character but you can’t have a girl become a guy or vice versa. Anyways to the example which is a repost of when I helped someone using this :heart:

Screenshots (visual example):

  • She should say “I don’t look like you anymore” lol

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