Tips and advice on writing comedy?

I am creating this topic to ask for some advice and tips on writing comedy. As a theatre actor as well as a writer on Episode, I am always looking for ways to improve. One of my favorite genres to read, watch, and perform is in fact comedy. I want to write comedy as well, but I want to be the best that I can be and have fun doing so. Does anyone have any tips for writing comedy or comedic moments and dialogue that they can share?
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Now this I can help with!

I’m also currently writing a comedy and lemme tell you… It makes creating a script so much easier.
Now, here are some points and idea’s.

I would recommend creating a simple plot and implementing the humor through out.

For example, I’m writing a story about a butt ugly boy who get’s bullied on a daily basis and one day he wakes up in a drop dead gorgeous body. Everybody starts giving him the attention he longed for throughout his life. Here’s the catch, every time he falls asleep, he switches bodies. Girls throw themselves at him in his hot body and guys hate him. I implicate the humor through social interaction and dialogue.

His social awkwardness and the fact that he’s not used to all the new attention is a GREAT basis for comedy. I also add random scenes that provide no relevance to the plot of the story but it’s just funny to me.

  • Don’t try to hard to be funny

Comedy is all about timing. Don’t start out your script with mindset that you want to make people laugh. Just write it in a casual manner and when you get a funny thought in your head, put it in your story. (bad example) For example, let’s say you’re writing a scene of an office and you’re messing around with directing. Then you get this thought in your head; what if some guy just comes in wasted off his ass and starts eating office supplies? Add that stuff girl.

  • Watch youtube video’s

Sometimes I’ll watch a video and hear a really funny one liner or scene. I find myself using them in my stories. For example, my favorite is “Next time we speak it’ll be on Dr. Phil, B*tch!”
If you added something totally obscure and out of line in serious situations it adds shock value thus making it funny.

  • Meme/vine references

Have one of your characters quote a vine, like “Welcome to chili’s” or “B*TcH dO I LoOk LiKE-” and “Who said dat?” (pan to next character) “Who said dat?” (again) “Who said dat?” AND SO ON. Sisters love meme references.


Okay that’s about it. Just PM me for any questions and help.


Off topic (sorry mods), but that reminds me of the webcomic Lookism, ahaha.



First of all, don’t throw in random jokes that have nothing to do with the story.
Make sure your jokes are well-timed, fit the scene and fit the character. Sarcastic comments should be made by sarcastic characters, dumb questions should be asked by someone who is not that smart etc…
Even the best one liners can go lame if they are poorly implemented, and also the most simple sentence can be turned into a joke if it parodies your character’s personality or the actual situation. This is the same case with animations/actions: despite what many authors think, someone falling over or dancing kpop in every single chapter is just not funny. But it can become funny in a real context and if it is not overused.


eyy. i’m more like, a boiii, but nicee. will be fun to read when it’s out!


I love to read Comedy too and it is my favourite genre to write too. I do feel that humour is something that differs from individuals due to our culture, backgrounds etc. We are all attracted to different kinds of jokes, comical moments so even if some of the readers don’t find a story funny, it doesn’t mean it is not a good comedy. I think it is nice to develop our own unique style of humour and I guess some good directing skills may help to give that extra funny effect. Other than that, adding ridiculous and illogical story lines may help too. :grinning:


I have the same problem I want to write a comedy action story but I don’t want to force the humor because in some stories I can tell when the author forces the humor.


B just throw in some vine references and self deprecating jokes and you’re golden lol


I appreciate the responses. Hopefully, I can use these tips to improve and grow as a writer.

Yes i agree with what you said on the last sentence many authors use the same over used jokes for example falling over or using the dance_kpop animation or using the same jokes (in every chapter) etc It just forces the humour when authors do that and it makes me cringe.


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