Tips and tricks for semi realistic art

The titles says it all
I wanted to start and learn semi reslistic at and i need some tips, tricks asked YouTube videos

And if anyone’s could teach me step by step how this do at that would be good too

I use the app ibis paint x

Please do DM me if you want to help :smiley:

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okay — 1. Happy birthday

One thing that I want to mention first is layer now personally I think layers are INCREDIBLY important!
(Layers basically exist to help keep different elements separate from each other on your “canvas”)
Knowing how to use layers effectively is going to give you a big advantage, helping you avoid making mistakes and help you to add detail separately so it’s less of a hassle trying to remove it from other layers you already worked hard on!
You too can achieve realism by equipping yourself with a wide range of textured brushes and those are usually found furthermore down in the brush section in Ibis paint. Also know your blending mode is important because this way you can fix color mating and add texture to your images. You can get textured images from online, let say you want a realistic paper just look it up and add it to the top of all the layers you want. This is were you cam great I’ve on white layering you want. Normally I like multiplying. Another good thing to under stand is opacity because let say you added a little too much blush you can always remove some of that easily with the layer and bring down its opacity.

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I learned how to color realistically by following Upasana_S_ YouTube tutorials. It really helped me improve very quickly. This was my first drawing after following her skin colouring tutorial.

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happy birthday!!

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I use ibisx, Get a photo reference like a pose to look at then try to map out where you want to draw it, do a rough sketch using stabilizer and a pen. Or any brush will work. For the sketch. After fix up the lines. For the skin tone the edges are always darker and goes lighter towards the middle of the face. The eye’s aren’t as hard either it just depends on your style and techniques.
Currently in the mist of drawing one rn

I did a rough sketch of the dude than was fixing it up the lady I haven’t even finished drawing yet it takes me at least at most three days or more to get the exact look I want

Finished art piece I did a couple day’s ago.

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It takes practice.

Well I’m not the best artist myself but I would say:

  • Like the other comments, take your time and use layers Omds layers can save you from have to rub out everything. I like to work on separate elements especially the small details then I combine them together so I can always remove or change one element at a time
  • Have confidence in yourself! not everyone needs a fancy apple pen to create amazing art, when you make confident, quick strokes it looks better :blush:
  • don’t be afraid of contrast! Study the skin tone well and you will notice the outlines are a few shades darker than the skin tone. Shading well and creating contrast gives depth.
  • Start with a base colour for your skin then use that colour and either go lighter or darker for your shading

—I’m sorry if this wasn’t too helpful but good luck with all! :two_hearts:

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