Tips and Tricks for Writing?

Hello everyone! I know people have different ways on writing stories, but can you please share some tips and tricks for writing EPISODE stories or maybe how to be motivated in writing? Sometimes, I write but only problem is I get lazy time to time to even type something since the script is probably too long. Any tips to fix that?

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Hey there,
I feel like when you feel ready, then write. If you don’t feel ready now, don’t force it.
I also feel like you should get familiar with coding and all that on the portal if you’re not already familiar with it.
About motivation, I’d say plan your story and know your characters in detail.
If you’re writing and you’re stuck, just write what comes to mind lol. When you’re done and you don’t like it, just pick out some things you like and work towards writing what you like.


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Thanks for the advice but about the…

I am planning to try join the current contest to publish my first story!

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Well, I suggest reading books, episodes and watching series that are in someway related to what you’re writing about. Like, maybe you’re writing in the mystery genre, read something related to mystery and try to research on different topics. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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