Tips and Tutorials on IbisPaint X

To anyone new or experienced, I’m not a professional. I have used this app for about 8 months now. I currently still do but not as much since I’m moving on to a different app (nothing bad with ibisPaint X I just thought to try out a new one!) This run through is specifically for IbisPaint X this app is free but does come with some in app purchases which aren’t going to really affect your experience or anything :partying_face:

I don’t have an iPad/tablet but I really want to edit!

You don’t need to edit an iPad or Tablet of any sort to start. This app is available for both, tablets and phones :blush: when beginning I did draw on my phone, it wasn’t difficult to me but remember everyone is different and you’ll just have to adjust to it. Do I recommend using your phone? Like I said everyone is different. I would start editing on my phone and when you want to take it more seriously maybe save up for a tablet or iPad :grin:

What canvas size should I use?

Preferably I use around 2000x2000. The bigger the canvas the better quality and less blurry it’d look when you draw. But with a bigger canvas it does limit you to less layers which shouldn’t really be anything big because you can merge layers together!

I’ve been editing for (insert time) and I’m still not happy w my art nor improved.

Sorry to hear that :confused: we all have a period of time when we’re not happy with our results but use it as something good such as look over what you are not happy with and practice on that specifically. For example if you’re not happy with your outlines maybe practice on it only for a few until you start getting a hang of it. Be sure you do practice any chance you can. I can promise that you won’t improve overnight and you’ll have to be patient.

How do I get better quality images?

You can go to the writer portal and create characters than code into poses you want. Then preview it and screenshot it.

If you’re not a good coder like me or don’t know what to do you can use an Editing Assistant (EA) from
@episode_amanda (check the link in her bio)
@lelingey (check link in her bio)
@epy.creative (check link in their bio)

How to make outline?

Click on the circled icon to insert a screenshot.

When you get this notification make sure to click cancel.

To start tracing, first lower the opacity (the scale circled green) to an opacity you feel is best.
I would recommend using the dip hard pen and make sure you have the stabilizer on to 10

How to make transparent background/export images?

To make transparent (used in outline contests) click on the darkest box in the circled area.

For iPad/IOS users the screenshots are familiar to android users it may be different but similar.

Click photo transparent png and then save image :star_struck:

Did you know that there’s a way to add fonts you like to ibisPaint? :grin:
If not here’s how to

Go to “Font”

Besides favorites there should be a “+” sign and it should take you to this

I clicked Da Fonts

And then download a font I liked!

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My main tips is just practice and experiment :green_heart: take a few to look over the app and try out new things :smile:

If you would like me to show or explain more features please let me know :blush::revolving_hearts:

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Should I do a shading or how to make custom poses tutorial?

  • Custom Poses
  • Shading

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𝓗𝓸𝔀 𝓘 𝓜𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓒𝓾𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓶 𝓟𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓼:

First add your pictures you want to use from your gallery.

Then go to the layer labeled as selection layer

I use the bucket tool for the white areas and then the felt pen for more inner. Don’t color in the the part you want to use! Be all in blue will be erased.
After that go back to the layer I circled in yellow and then click the green circled icon.

Go to remove selection to well remove it lmao

To adjust it press on the yellow circle icon and it should show up on the side this

Make sure that both the magnifying glass and rotation are blue which means are enable, to enable click on it once

Place where you like and i usually go back and erase the background :crazy_face:

Here’s the video, not a speed paint if I didn’t explain well enough and you rather see by me showing it

Yes it’s my new channel, feel free to sub or not :joy:


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