Tips For 1st Episode Story?

I’m planning on making my 1st Episode story, but I’m not sure where to start.

I was thinking about making it a romance story, but I’m struggling to find out how it can be original rather than the 1s that are already published.

If you have any tips then reply here! It can be anything such as plots, characters, titles etc.

Having like 3 stories out myself, I would say it’s definitely hard when it comes to directing especially if you haven’t coded before. Definitely don’t go head first, meaning don’t go based off what comes to your mind while coding; yeah at the moment it makes sense but once you reread certain parts it might make the flow of the story bad. Plan your story accordingly to the genre or have main points of what you want to show throughout your story, plan your characters and give them a vibe whether it’s through clothes or attitude/vibes with other characters, look into people’s google drives if episode’s backgrounds aren’t up your alley.

My biggest advice is take your time writing and coding, don’t come out with you’re not happy with. Writing should be fun all the time, there will be times where you get writers block and that’s completely fine to be at a standstill :slightly_smiling_face:. Motivation comes and goes that’s apart of the journey, write a genre your passionate about

Edit: If you have no idea where to start, I recommend watching Joseph Evans YouTube videos on how to code, I’ll also link Dara Amarie’s website as it has helpful information

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thanks so much for your help! i appreciate it :white_heart: