Tips for beginner Episode editors?

It’s been a bit since I was here lol, I’m tryna start making Episode edits / art, so any tips? I’ll be using ibis paint! I haven’t actually tried making one yet lol, so I just want some tips that can help me start off!


You can try just placing characters on a background, play with layering, stuff like that.

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alright, ty!

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I’d say you start with edits first as that’s something easier to learn and grasp :))

Suppose you want to make an edit of your character standing at the rooftop at night, upload a dark (blue/blue) background on the art catalogue, create your character on the writer portal and code him/her/them doing the animation that you want them to do in the edit. Go to the episode app–> create section and clicknon your story. You’ll see the preview of the story here, now click on Navigation–> Hide all debug elements, this will hide all the buttons and allow you to see only the character on the chosen bg. Screenshot it and cut the character out of the background roughly using the eraser tool in ibis paint. Now, create your canvas (I’d recommend having a big canvas as that’s what the quality of art/edit depends on, use something like 3000×3000 or so.) Insert your cut-out-of-the-bg character here and place the bg you originally wanted the character to be at, a layer below. You can alter the character’s pose the desired way using the lasso tool now, if you want to make any changes to the current state. And that’s pretty mych how it works!

Ok this was long lol


Thank you sm! That was really helpful! (:

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One tip I wish I’ve known when I started out is don’t use a background eraser-- they can decrease the quality of your photo. Instead, manually remove the background. It takes more effort, but it’s worth it in the long run, so your characters don’t turn out blurry. 🤷

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Hey!) There are a few tips I can think of:
a) Code the characters on the writers Portal and take screenshots in the app, this way the best quality will be reached
b) Don’t use apple like removebg or such but Ibis Paint to remover the background from the screenshots (I can add how to do that as well if needed!)
c) Custom poses! They are fun to make but make sure they look human (I always pose as the character in my edit to check :joy::raised_hand:)
d) For a result to look more advanced I highly suggest cleaning:

Not Cleaned Version

Cleaned Version

However, as you can see I do correct the face which I noticed just a few editors do.

e) Then I’d say it all about experimenting: try different brushes and see which work for you. You can add makeup, lighting, highlights and shadows!)

Just to complete my response, here’s the finished edit of my friend:


Ahh, thank you!! ur edit is gorgeous btw! <3

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Aw thank you!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::nerd_face:

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