Tips for directing!


How to invert a character vertically*

  1. Choose a specific spot for a character. For example, @DISCOBOT spot 1.280 164 939
  2. Then, make the first number a negative one. e.g. @DISCOBOT spot -1.280 164 939
  3. Initially, your character will disappear. That’s because it is “outside” the screen. To make this work, you’ll have to move your character until it is visible.

*I don’t know who originally shared this on the old forums.

Hidden overlays (By @Surly on the old forums)

Some official overlays are exclusively for certain backgrounds. For example, the bushes overlay that we can see on EXT. BEHIND BUSHES - NIGHT. However, we can use these type of overlays by writing the name of the background instead of the name of an overlay.

For example:


It doesn’t work with the @overlay command

How to interrupt and pause actions (By @episode.uwe on Instagram)

You can “interrupt” an action by adding another one.
To do this, follow this steps.

  1. Add an animation to a character with the “@CHARACTER starts ____” command. For example,

@DISCOBOT starts dance_kpop.

  1. Pause the action using @pause.

@DISCOBOT starts dance_kpop
@pause for 1.2

  1. Then, add another action with the “@CHARACTER starts” command. That would interrupt the previous action.

@DISCOBOT starts dance_kpop
@pause for 1.2
@DISCOBOT starts run_fall


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