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Hello creators! So, currently I am writing a story about this girl that suddenly wakes up in this scary place, being locked up in a cell. The genre of the story is mystery.
I planned out how she would end up there, and why. But I didn’t plan out what was going to happen in this place, since I thought I would just write and see what comes to my mind.
Now that I’ve gotten to that part, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for some scary/weird/interesting or other things that could happen there, or maybe just tips.
Also, she is chipped, and in this place there are other people, but she will find out about that later. She will get orders to do things, and getting creepy hallucinations by being drugged up by some stuff. (and some people will end up dying in there, but not the main character)
Again, I would really love some tips/feedback/ideas for my story.
Thank you.


Maybe the hallucinations become real one day?


I have an oddball thought, what if the character finds out that her parents have been up to it the whole time??


Haha yes, that would actually be a really cool plot twist! Thank you.
Any ideas on why they would do that tho?


Hmm because maybe they were wanting a boy instead of a girl so this is some kind of torture? I don’t know I can’t think of anything else.


Haha yes. At least I have some time to think that part trough, since it’s kind of in the end.


Ah, I see. I am happy to help!! I am very active on the forums if you have any more questions.


Ok, thank you again :slight_smile:


Moved to Share Feedback section as that’s where pitches live! :v:t2:


How about after government finds a way to sustain youth and immortality everyone born in that era stops aging at 25 but with this blessing there’s a downside only a few people are able to procreate but with women longing to be mothers again a secret group starts hunting for individuals with the non aging gene that still has ability to conceive and the girl wakes up in the institution that’s conducting experiments on them some being fatal… She’s woken up by the screams of another girl going through the experimental sessions they conduct


That’s actually a pretty good idea :thinking:
Thank you :blush:


:blush:Glad I could help


How about something to do with the BUTTERFLY EFFECT? I saw my brother play this game about butterfly effect and it sort of got my attention. Google it.
She will keep ending into the cell until she makes the right choice. She did something once, didn’t save a dying man or even saved someone she shouldn’t have. One choice affects other?

Just a thought though.



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