Tips for my first chapter?

Hi guys. I’m writing a new story and I would like to know what makes a good first chapter? Every topic I’ve seen asking the same questions just has people say what not to do in a first chapter. Maybe even give some recommendations for great first chapters?

First chapter is EXTREMELY important because from that episode, the reader will decide whether to continue the story or not.

  • You need to make sure to give a general idea of what the story is about so that the reader’s understanding of your story - make it detailed but leave some out to make them curious.

  • Also, you need to show a lot instead of telling. When giving background information to the readers, (whether it’s about the MC’s past, MC’s current state, the world surrounding the MC etc…) you would make a much better story by showing.

  • As Episode is an interactive game, you need to let readers really be able to interact and relate to the characters in the story in order to make them read more episodes. (Put some choices in the first few chapters!:])

I think these were a few that would be important for your first chapter…hope this helped! :blush:

Thank you, this is actually really helpful! :blush:

Np! If u hav more questions, ask me anytime! :blush: