Tips for new authors

Hey so I’m writing my first story and I was wondering what makes a story a good story? Do you maybe have some tips for me? It could be about coding but also about the story itself! Let me know :blush:


I’m not a talented author or anything but I’ve one for a year now so I guess I have some advice from experience to tell :sweat_smile:

  • I’d recommend adding transitions to every scene so it can be more smooth

  • Also you can add some characters that are more for comedy scenes or be like more from the reader’s POV

  • You can add yourself to the story as a side character as well it’s fun to watch the author in the stories, I’ve seen authors doing it and I’m starting on doing it too

  • I’d also recommend planning your story before starting to code, what every episode will contain of and things like that (I’ve made a planner let me know if you’d like me to send it to you for extra help)

  • I don’t think I have anything else but feel free to ask me anything (either about coding and everything else, also a template maker and edit so I can help you there too, if you ever need something you can request it at my shop which you can find in my bio❤️)

(These are all my personal tips so feel free not to use any of them :joy:)
Good luck with your story :relaxed:


Dara’s site. It helps me honestly so much. All Script Commands | Dara Amarie

Make sure your plot doesn’t get boring. Try to avoid filling scenes (like the MC just singing in the shower and nothing else happening).
Show the MC walk somewhere, go in somewhere from time to time, not always, but at least the first time they go there it is good to do.

I have a thread with 35 questions, a few people took the time to answer, it might help you too (it is story related)
Questions for readers


At the end of the day, whether or not someone likes a story will depend a lot on personal preference. But there are definitely some things that really stand out to me in a good story! I really appreciate:

In terms of coding/writing:
-Proper spelling/grammar
-Well-timed zooms and animations (avoiding camera curving, character sliding)
-Including background characters in locations that would be busy, like clubs, etc.

In terms of content:
-Minimal introductory narration (ie. show me who the MC is, don’t tell me!)
-Slow/realistic romance vs. one where the MC and LI fall in love immediately
-A MC with a personality! Try to define some traits for them before you begin and it’ll be a lot easier to keep a strong character throughout the story

In my opinion the best thing you can do is re-read your own story until you can’t find anything wrong with it. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a break between writing a chapter and reading it. It kind of lets you view it as a reader. Good luck!


I am actually writing my first story myself, and obviously ive never scripted before, and i love reading stories, but i never actually wrote one. so if there is any advice on scripting or the story itself, please tell me, because i also need help getting some new pictures to match my story, i appreciate the help, thank you

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Thank you for your tips! I forgot to mention that I already practiced coding before I finished writing my story. Oops! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:So I already have 1 chapter finished​:yum:But it’s indeed very useful to plan it further. Also very nice of you offering to help me, but I don’t think I need a planner. Thank you anyway!

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Thanks, these tips are very helpful! I’ve probably reread my first chapter 40 times because I get annoyed when the animations aren’t even with the text or when the characters are in the wrong place in a scene. Thank you very much I’m definitely going to use this!

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This is just my opinion:

  • Well placed speech bubbles.
  • Text effects used for certain words, but not frequently.
  • Diverse looking characters.
  • Characters with more original backstories and personalities.
  • Decent directing (it honestly doesn’t have to have the best directing on the app. A story can be heavily directed without much of a plot).
  • Good grammar and spelling (if this isn’t your field, you can have your story proofread).
  • Filters is something else a lot of author use to make their stories more aesthetic, but this alone definitely doesn’t determine whether a story is good or not.
  • Overlays and animated overlays definitely enhance stories.
  • Diverse backgrounds can also help bring a story to life instead of sticking with a few of them.
  • Well placed zooms are a great way to enhance the story too. But I’ve noticed some stories that excessively use moving zooms, and I suggest you avoid that because it makes it look messy and it becomes difficult to focus on who’s saying what.
  • Different outfits make the characters more personalized and human. I also tend to like stories more that have characters who change their outfits throughout the story instead of keeping the same outfit on for the entire story or rarely changing.
  • Keep in mind that there could be hate or criticism since you’re putting your work and yourself out there on a public platform.
  • There may be a lot of readers who will ask you if they can customize your characters (CC). Remember to only allow CC if you as the author don’t mind because it’s your story, not theirs.
  • If you want a character to do an animation directly after doing a previous animation, then use starts instead of is because starts allows them to do it instantaneously without the awkward idle pause.
  • You can choose a speech bubble style that suits your story if you’d like to. I generally find the pink bubbles suit comedy more than a serious story does etc.
  • It’s really up to you, but I recommend having a way for your readers to communicate with you, whether it’s fanmail, Instagram, Twitter etc because readers will always have questions.
  • Avoid repeating the same animations and the same dialogues. It’s actually really noticeable.

I think the most important thing is to be confident. You’ve worked hard to create a story so if you’re tempted to put a disclaimer at the start that it’s your first story and you’re sorry if there’s mistakes, delete that text immediately and go reread/edit your story. As long as your story is error-free and your characters act believably, your story is good enough. :blue_heart:

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Thanks for the tips! I have already paid attention to most of the things on this list! I just better check how often an got animation used. byee

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To be honest.
I don’t know if I am good enough to give advice but here is some advice from my personal expirence.

  • You should add Character’s POV in the story, so readers can understand the Character well.

  • Don’t use @CHAR enters from left to screen center often. Use this only for a small scene. for long scenes u should use like @CHAR enters from left to spot xyz in zone 1/2/3

  • Play your story and see for yourself if there is any mistake, (play in App for once atleast) before publishing or updating your story.

  • At last u should see if speech bubbles is at right place.

  • Using Text effect is good, but don’t use it everywhere just for some specific person or thing.

  • Code smoothly.

  • I see that author use the same outfits, there should be enough outfits (if there isn’t a reason for the same outfits again and again)

  • Adding choices and CC

After Publishing your story

  • There will be some review which will upset you but You should listen to them and improve instead of being upset and leave writing.

  • Don’t be sad if you don’t get good reads.

  • Well… I think I should add this advice before but you should choose your story description carefully and cover too… bcz it’s what attract the reader to your story.

  • If you don’t have any ig account then make one… bcz it’s a good platform to spread your story.

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I don’t know what you think is bad, but this advice is very helpful. I think I can use it well. I’m going to make my own art cover and art scenes, so I think I’ll be fine! Thanks again!

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before publishing read your story on the app, some code looks diffrent there and what is on your phone.

You dont need amazing codeing, but do make sure it dosent have mistakes. like faceing wrong way, charaters keep talking when they arent because its a loop animation and stuff like that

rear animation face the opsite way, rear is them turning their back . if they face right, they will face left in rear.

focus on the charaters NOT the background, I see often new authors pan and show the entire background, its a waste of time, only times where its okay to show off background is places, like a look over the city, our looking up and the stars.

dont use default charaters or outfit, it looks lazy. like you have not put any care into the story.

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some of those advice are actually really bad@Kat.epi , if you like to this stuff then you do you, its your story

too much transitions get anoying. its a thing you use sparelingly, you dont transition to go life, from the bedroom to the liveing room. you do it with time shift, or charatere shift.

really many actually hate this, its feels like the author wanna be the center of attention. I am guilty of have done this in my first story. escpially when the author charatere, is like I am the author I make decisions, the charaters do as I say.

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How do you do that?

You open your app and go to creat, if your phone acount is conncted to your website acount you should be able to read your own stories

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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do you think you could send this to me?

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Hi! I’m not the most talented or experienced author, but I might be able to help.

  • Allow readers to customize the MC, and maybe even the LI (if there is one)! If you don’t know how, pm me and I can tell you :upside_down_face:

  • Have a lot of choices! They can be small or big, but it makes the story a lot more interesting!

  • Make a note or write down your characters’ personality traits! This helps you have a solid personality for each character! I like to have 2-4 positive traits and 1-2 negative traits for each character! I also like to add their job if they have one, their age, pronouns, sexuality, and hobbies!

  • Plan ahead! I saw that you already coded your first chapter but I’d recommend sitting down and writing/typing up what’s going to happen in the next few episodes (just a summary), and then type up the actual story, leaving spaces for the coding, then do the coding part! Breaking up makes it a lot easier and makes it feel like less of a chore.

  • Use a good cover! Covers are what really draws my attention to stories. I recommend a drawn, rather than edited cover (they’re much more captivating), and find a good artist to do it! There’s lots of art shops on the forums so take the time to go through them and find a perfect artist! Lunar art shop! (OPEN AND HIRING!) is my art shop!! feel free to request a cover from it! (free)

  • Take your time! Don’t worry about getting chapters out quickly. Take your time to write, code, and check for mistakes!

  • Use correct spelling & grammar! If that’s not a strongsuit of yours, or English isn’t your first language, I could proofread your chapters for you (or you could find someone else to do it)!

  • Write an intriguing description! Don’t give away everything that happens in the description. Leave some mystery and make it sound really interesting. I can totally help you with that!

That’s all I can think of atm! I might update you with some more ideas later. Good luck! :upside_down_face: