Tips for new writers

Tips for new writers
I started reading and writing in episode in 2016 and in these years I read many stories and I really like to read small authors’stories and give them feeback (You can link your story in the comments)
I’m not expert but I would like to gives you tips before publishing your story :slightly_smiling_face:

  • This is something that everyone knows but even so everyone does it, make an unique story! If you want to make a bad boy story you can but make it different from the other, make the reader be like " I didn’t expect this!!" I know it’s difficult, episode has almost every kind of story but it doesn’t mean every kind of plot.
  • Makes your chapter longer!! If you’re are writing your first story, I know you’re excited and just want to publish it (that’s me :joy:) but ask youself “do you like short chapters?” or “Do you like wasting passes in a chapter that lasts less then 5 minutes?” Try to make every chapter 1000 lines or more!!
  • Keep updating! That’s something even the best authors find difficult, sometimes you can lost motivation but think about your readers that leaves you messages and support you, relax take your time and like I said think about your readers!! Another reason may be don’t know what to write, and guys… that’s totally normal so don’t use it as an excuse, put some music , have a notebook by your side and when something come out just write down even if you thing it’s useless
  • Cliffhanger! Try to finish a chapter with a cliffhanger…I know everyone hates them but it will make the reader read the next chapter… human’s curiosity
  • God don’t rush don’t try to make an episode in less than 30 minutes…you may make errors the readers may hate
  • Review your chapter before publishing, like I said before there may be errors and you don’t even know they’re there.
  • Before starting your story you should know at least some scripting (choices, spot directing, bubbles, etc…) only the main stuff. And not just that , you have what’s your story gonna be about, the them, some events already in mind and already the main characters description written down somewhere.

:blush: Hope you find this useful
if you got other tips or want me to read your story just comment it down below


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