Tips for new writers;)

Hi! I’m currently working on a story and I’d appreciate if you guys gave me some advice on do’s or dont’s. Or just things that would just be helpful in general:)


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get to know some of the animations before you really get into the story. it’ll make the process of writing a bit easier

Watch the videos by Joseph Evans on YouTube, they will help you a lot.

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This. His videos literally explain everything also !

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Don’t forget Bronte, the queen of Episode!


I recommend watching Joseph Evans’s tutorials on YouTube for coding. ere are a few I compiled that are mainly basic things you should know:
Sound and Music
Thoughts and Narration Bubbles
Placing Characters
Spot Directing
Basic Zooms
Transitions (Fades)
Remembering Previous Choices (Flags)

The plot is VERY important. I mean, it’s basically the whole story. Having a gripping first scene is great. Introduce a potential conflict right away, so that readers will be wondering what’s going on. That first scene can be a flash forward. Just make sure not to use the cliche “I bet you’re wondering how I got here” or “I’ll start from the very beginning.” Speaking of cliches, try to avoid them. There are plenty of well written cliche stories on Episode that have hundred of thousands and even millions of reads, however, Episode and its readers are always looking for unique stories. If your story does fall into the cliche category (pregnancies, makeup transformations, mafias, bad boys, etc.), that’s alright! Just add your own twists and turns to it. It’s up to you what you want to write. Do your best to be unique and original! :grin:

Spot Directing:
The plot isn’t everything. Episode is a VISUAL app, so spot directing is very important, too. If your plot is amazing, but your spot directing is full of errors, then most likely, a lot of readers will stop reading. As I said, Episode is a VISUAL app, where stories come ALIVE, so make sure to SHOW more, and not TELL everything. For example, don’t introduce each character one by one, like by having the narrator say “This is my best friend Lucy. She’s super kind and funny.” Just, NO! That’s a dull way to present information. Instead, SHOW that Lucy is a kind and funny person though a SCENE with DIALOGUE. It’s always better top have more dialogue/conversations than just narrator speech bubbles.

Grammar is also very important to a story. If you consistently have mistakes, readers will probably be upset and leave the story. If you constantly have mistakes in your writing, it may also be hard fro your readers to understand. Grammar and writing can be hard, especially if it isn’t your first language, so getting a proof reader is a good idea if you’re not confident. Just make sure to credit your proof readr(s) in your story.

Episode is an INTERACTIVE app, so choices play a big role in stories! You don’t need to have MAJOR decisions that completely change the story. Minor ones are good, too! Like choosing how to respond to a bully, what dress to wear, what activity to do, where to go, what to eat at a restaurant, etc. I recommend AT LEAST 3 choices per episode, excluding customization. I DEFINITELY recommend customization, or AT LEAST limited character customization (CC) if the character’s looks are important to the story. It is up to you, but most readers like or prefer having CC. You can use Dara.Amarie’s templates here. And don’t worry about crediting her, because she already included it in there. :relaxed: You can also include a choice for the love interest, whether the reader wants a female or male love interest. But that’s up to you.

Overall, grammar, spot directing, and plot are the three most important things in my opinion. Remember to add twists and turns to add your own unique touch to your stories! I recommend each episode to be at least 1,000 lines. That way, your story isn’t too long or too short. :+1: Make sure your first scene is a gripping and dramatic one that’ll keep your readers wondering and thinking.

I hope this helped! :heart: You can PM me if you need more information or help with anything. I’d be glad to lend a hand! Good luck with your story! Happy writing!


Oh, ya. I love her videos as well.

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Yes!!! I love her videos.

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