Tips for non-english writers

Was thinking the same haha

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I thought it wasn’t allowed lol yaay

I’m in a similar position. Count on me if you need anything, i hope we can help each other:blush:


Hey thank you very much, you helped a lot to both of us lol :heart::heart:


My problem with trying to proofread this way is… how do you do it? Like just jot down the line for them that has something wrong? Type out they’re whole script as they read it and make changes?

I write out my script lines in a screenplay format in word/google docs and save it that way andvthen copy and past the lines/narration and sometimes the animation of I’ve written it in my screenplay. That’s easier to send and easy for the proofreader to just make the corrections and then send it back for them to go over and discuss.


I just tried for someone when they wanted like just overall “how’s my story?” type help, and I didn’t really know how to keep track of their mistakes for them…

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You got a good point, but the problem is that script may be copied by the other person. It’s just another risk

Yeah I hear that. I used to really want to be someone’s proofreader for the pure fact that I’m a grammar and proper English freak haha and I understand that for a lot of writers English and North American culture isn’t their way of life, so I just want to help. But I understand people being wary. So for that you’d have to find someone you trust. But @Martini_98 makes a good point that even without your script or screenplay… someone could still do the same thing and copy it :frowning:


Yes lol It depends on how many risks someone is willing to take (or not, maybe luck, trust, confidence?)

Yeah, it’s a shame it has to be like that… there has to be hope tho : ) I’ve seen proofreading credits in stories… but I couldn’t imagine how to go about finding and trusting one myself.


That is bit paranoid way to think. The moment you publish anybody can steal your idea anyway question is why whould people do it? Are you yourelf stealing from other authors that you expect the same happen to you? :thinking::wink:

To proove your story was stoles is pretty easy and the one who did it would risk to get banbed from episode.

And if somebody tryes to coppy someone it will be most likely the sucesfull popular story which is finished so people try to write something simillar hoping to get the same sucess.

If your story is not totaly predictible he would not be able to get where your story goes and in case you are really afraid you can let proofread the chapters by different people via sending them the chapter per emaim in word atc…

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Hi I had the same problem. My English spelling is terrible and sometimes the sentence needs bit more curves I can make. :kiss::heart: So in my case it ended up as cowriting. I do most of the writing and directing and my partner does the english correction. We opened for this new shared account and we both have acces to the portal. This of cause I recomand to do with person you can trust but if you have someone like this it is than the quickest way because he can directly make the changes.

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I believe ir is realky mor about the inner mindest. If person is generalky scared people will do him bad cheat on him atc… He will probably attract such people in life for real.

I am kinda oposite, writing was for funn. If something would theoretically went wrong so what it is just fun not end of the world. So I didnt had any problem to try out cowriting even we actually didnt know each other and just met on the forum. In my had I actually never had any drama scenario what all bad coud hapoen… and guess what nothing bad happened. :grin:

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Thank you so much for wanting to help me, you are really kind, I will text you if I need anything and if you need wtv like a supporter or someone to give you advises and opinions, you can text me too :kiss::kiss:

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@the_rachelle_faucet on Instagram is amazing with her grammar tips! She even posts some directing tips here and there as well :smiley:

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  • First, I thought I should give my whole script to the proofreader, so this way it’s too easy for someone to copy my text and paste it on his/her platform

  • Second, it doesn’t call paranoid it’s been called suspicion, you will never know what kind of person you are talking with behind the screen. I worked really hard for my story, 1 chapter needs many days and hours to be finished, ofc I would be suspicious to give it to someone that I never met before

  • Third, if I was stealing from others I wouldn’t be afraid if others steal from me the stolen stories, b/c I believe that people that steal do not have imaginations of their own to create a story that they can call “their” so they only copy stories.

  • Fourth, in the others you are right and in the last one is a good idea, but I hope I’ll never be in the situation that I’ll have to report someone. Even if my story is predictable or stupid it’s annoying when you see a copy of your story


Thats actually not true. It is statisticly proven fact that cheaters are often themself afraid more theor partner will cheat on them. The ohe who steal are more afraid somebody will steal of them. I dont know the inglish therm for this but it is soming from thought other do the same I do. So if one is willing to do bad things his subconcies knows it amd is expecting other to act like him too. It is most natural we are for us the primal source of knowlage what we can except from other people. Being suspeciouse make sence in case it already happened to you or you are in place on circumstances that are known as dangerouse. Axa if you are in dangerously looking enviroment alone at night it is natural to be suspeciouse that the guy fallowing you wants to rape you. While looking on all men as on potentilal rapist is paranoid and has nothing to do with reasonable level of being carefful.

If you live in a world where it is common thing to steal other people stories or it has happened to you already. It make sence you are not trusting. If you never had such experiece nor actualy know a single cause on episode that this hs hapened here, than we can tal about being paranoid. And the fact if your storry is fully written or not has not much to do with it.

It is at the and you who wants help by proofreading. And aproaching somebody who is willing to help you with prejudice he is doing it onlx to steal from you if not very nice aproach to all the people who just love to help.

If you’re worried about someone stealing your story through the script you can always have someone who is not an Episode author proofread your script.

I’m not an author on the app so I don’t understand the directing/coding, a friend of mine had asked me to proofread and check for any mistakes in the English so she sent me the script. I ignored all the directing/coding (I didn’t understand it anyway :woman_shrugging:t2:) and just read and corrected the dialogue and narration.

There’s a lot of people in the community you are just readers, not creators. If their English is excellent, they would be happy to help.


Well said!!!

I hadn’t thought about that! Good idea!!