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Hey all!
I’ve been writing on here for a few years and I have 3 pretty successful stories. I have a new one that just came out and I am not getting any reads. Does anyone have any promotional tips? I usually just promote on IG. Thanks in advance!!!



Wow! That’s great! If you don’t mind can you link me your stories? I’d love to read them.:heart:

Promote them here, (on the forums) do gem for gem, I guess like update frequently ask people on Instagram (like the group ones) to give you a review of your story and etc

Edit: if you want you can add some bonus scene’s too.


Of course!! Here is my linktree!!! @Alix.Chanel | Linktree

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Hey alicechanel14,

Here are some advices for promoting and in general:

  • Never compare yourself with big authors, because even big authors started with 0 reads.;
  • Don’t stop promoting. Even if you reach the 1k reads, you still need to promote your story. :wink: When you stop promoting after those 1k reads, your views will stuck at 1k reads.;
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help at other authors. They had to start somewhere, too. ;
  • Promote at instagram, Facebook AND/OR on this forum (so you reach more readers);
  • Also do R4R’s or G4G’s at this forum, R4R’s will help you with some (proper) feedback. And if you’re not a native English speaker → ask for proofreaders. There are enough other authors who like to help you out over here on this forum.;
  • And don’t forget to take breaks. If you have a writer block, don’t forget your story, but take a break and think about something else for a while. But don’t force yourself to write.;
  • Don’t expect you get readers immediately after you published (sounds ridiculous, but there are (starting) authors who think that if you publish magically those readers will appear out of nowhere…);
  • When the first hate mail comes in :point_right: don’t get demotivated. And don’t give up to write. You are here to write, because you like to write, not because that one negative person doesn’t like your story. You are here because you want to publish YOUR story. :wink: ;
  • Directing advice → Don’t use exit left or right or enters left or right. It changes the size of the characters. So, children will become bigger if they exit or shrink when they enter.;
  • Please, no black screens for narration → use other backgrounds and characters with animations during narration;
  • Check your grammar. Before you publish, just check one more time for grammar and spelling;
  • If you use your own character (authors character) :point_right: don’t use it half of the story-time or a whole episode;
  • Don’t use one whole episode for CC. (If you have CC in your story.) And please, don’t CC the whole family.;
  • Don’t forget to take away props after you used them. (It irritates the hell out of me if I see the same baby bundle through the rest of the story. :face_with_spiral_eyes:)

For the rest:

  • You also can use: Joseph Evans’s YouTube clips for directing tips, Dara Amarie’s website ( for templates and also help from other authors at this forum;
  • Enjoy to write and don’t hesitate to ask me for more help by PM at this forum or DM on instagram (if you have instagram → @angelwings_1983 ).

Love A-W


Promote the way and how you want to. Also @AngelWings1983 my sister from another mister, will tell you that I always tell her and @AngelNz when she was still writing on episode. Don’t let the readers dictate when you update ECT WRITE FOR YOURSELF FIRST

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