Tips for starting and ending episode

I would like some tips for the starting and ending of episodes of a story

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In the beginning of the episode you can let your readers know about your release schedule (if you one) and if you have any good information you think they should know you can also say that, and in the end you can say something like “Thank you for watching this episode of…”

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What is release schedule?

A release schedule is a schedule for when you are releasing your Episodes, for example:

May release schedule (for example):
8 May and 23 May will the next episodes be out.

I hope that made sense.

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I dont think there is general rule for this…

But the end of the episode …often there is clifhanger…so you make the reader want to read the next chapter. but it is ot a must…if oyu have 20 chapters it is dificlut to have alwayis big clifhanger at the end.

I would say that more than the start and the end of chapter it is important that it is generally good written. First chapter is the one which makes reader decide to reed on so it should be good and drag them in the story. But also it cant be to rush so the reader has time to understand who is who so to say.


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