Tips for Storytellers

Hello, Episode community!

I’ve discovered some amazing tips for beginner to experienced writers when creating their own story. I truly believe these tips will be beneficial for anyone, especially new writers, as they write new stories.

I watched a video about a director of the Pixar movie “Monsters Inc.” explaining a story.
Simply put, your story can have epic adventures and action and romance, things that you may not have ever experienced. People have told us frequently to “write about what you know”, but I believe myself and many other people have misinterpreted what this means. Writing about what we know doesn’t limit us only to our experiences. We can write about anything, whether that is bad boy tropes or mean girls, etc.

However, a good story will ALWAYS incorporate things that you have felt and can personally connect to. That could be feeling loneliness, anger or fear. A good story makes your readers feel something - whether that is tears of joy, sadness or anger! A good writer can create a story that has a meaning that their audience (and themselves) can relate to.

If my explanation didn’t make sense, please watch this video! Its absolutely amazing and can guide you on the right path when you plan out your first (or next) Episode story.

And remember, your Episode story doesn’t need to have the most fanciest and advanced directing. A good story has meaning and will make your audience feel something that you have experienced at some point.


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