Tips for when it comes to spotting

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If there was one thing that was THE most awful and time-consuming thing to do-- it would have to be spotting. I remember when the first time I spotted someone–it took me legit so many hours! It always seems that there is a glitch or something with the spotting or something-- until I realized that it was just me screwing my self up because I used the wrong functions and now my character is off camera.
To prevent this, here is what you need to know:

Before you have to spot, you can use these positions:

As you know, there are these positions: Screen right, Screen left, and Screen center

You probably know this already, and if you don’t, then these are like the default spots kind of.
It’s the spot that the computer automatically places you to when you write your story.

You might know this too, but there are several more positions you can have: Upscreen right, upscreen left, and upscreen center. You can have back right, back left, back far left, and back far center.

Try it out with–@PERSON stands back far right --for example.

Those tricks can come in handy more than you think, you’d be surprised.

IF that doesn’t work, you can always use spotting.
Here is an example:
@PERSON spot 0. 222 333 444

The first number (222) controls the size. Right now the character would be really small. Make the number bigger to make your character bigger.

The second number (333) controls your height. Right now, the character should be pretty high off the ground. Make the character closer to the ground by making the number bigger.

The third number (444) controls your position on the camera (left, right etc). Right now, the character is pretty centered (rightish). Make the number bigger if you want the character closer to the left and make the number smaller if you want your character even more to the right.


Hope this was helpful!



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