Tips for Writing 1 - Types of Characters



As I read on the app, I see many stories that have flat characters that are not complexly developed or simply not interesting. Here are a few types of characters that you could add to your story to make your characters more relatable, engaging, and more impactful to the stories plot.

Think about adding a character(s) who…
-Are adopted (can be obvious or a surprise for the other characters to discover)
-Have a secret talent (maybe they have an amazing voice or are a famous writer with a hidden identity)
-Are deaf, mute, or blind.
-Struggles academically (how will they overcome this?)
-Has a certain phobia (fear of heights, failure, bugs, the number 13… There are many more.)
-Are homosexual, bisexual, or asexual (be sure not to use stereotypes!)
-Have some type of disorder (generalized anxiety disorder, avoidant personality disorder, anorexia, dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, and bipolar disorder to name a few. Make sure to throughly research a disorder before incorporating it in your story.)
-Have recovered from living in poverty (how so?)
-Are female and some who are male (Have an equal balance!!!) and some who are transgender or agender (be sure to use proper pronouns and not follow stereotypes!)
-Have a unique physical feature (birthmark, piercings meaningful tattoo, freckles, no hair, are extremely short or tall, etc. If you’re good at overlay work, these can be executed really well.)
-Have a supernatural ability (twins that are telepathic, mind readers, dream observers, super speed, etc.)
-Are multiracial
-Have uncommon names (some girl names could include: Periwinkle, Juniper, Unique, Asia, Xia, Sol, and Sapphire. Some uncommon boy names include: Judah, Edge, Braxton, Gunnar, Mekhi, Quinn, Dashle, Curry, and Wren.)
-Are from a place other than where your story takes place.
-Have a goal they feel like they MUST complete (getting into a certain college, having a certain career, meeting a certain someone, etc.)
-Are bilingual or trilingual
-Have an uncommon home situation (foster child, homeless, divorced parents, over 6 siblings, no parents, lives in a trailer or RV, etc.)
-Have low confidence or are insure about something (physical appearance, success rate, athletics, relationships, etc. Also, how will they overcome this?)
-Have some sort of addiction (to drugs, their cell phone, alcohol, self harm, etc. and how they will overcome it.)
-Have a twin or are part of triplets or quadruplets
-Are perceived one way but are actually not that way (maybe everyone sees them as stuck up, fitting a certain stereotype, intelligent, or mean, but in reality…)
-Have an allergy
-Have a strange occupation (secret agent, assassin, tech guru, inventor, dog food taster?)
-Are not human (what does this mean? Are they an alien? A cyborg or android? A talking animal? A fairy? Use your imagination!)
-Have a religion (if you incorporate this, be sure to be respectful and not say things about a religion that are false or would offend readers who have the religion.)
-Have a medical condition (asthma, cancer, diabetes, a broken body part, acne, etc.)
-Has a certain view or opinion that is against the common majority (debate on different ethics and morals. maybe they protest against something.)
-Have a certain, unique style (dyed hair, wears only black, many accessories, glasses, braces, etc.)
-Are famous or used to be (what were they famous for? why aren’t they anymore?)

I hope you enjoy these and get many new ideas because of it! :grinning:


These are some good ideas! Episode isn’t as enjoyable as before, as people always write cliché books. I always know what’s going to happen. I know what’s he’s gonna say to her. I know she’s gonna go back to him. It’s been really annoying, and because of that, I’ve been stopping reading Episode for a while.

There was a book in WattPad that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. It was about a blind guy and a barista, working in a coffee shop. It wasn’t a cliché type of romance at all. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

BUT, thank you for putting this and I hope authors would actually put these ideas in their stories! :slight_smile:

-B.ROSE :rose:


My villain wears all black, and there’s one character who is the MC’s sister, but no one knows except for the sister. Another one has hearing problems, while one has no parents (they died), my villain also has a certain goal that she must achieve, then there’s the author. Me. I have depression, and am bisexual. I also have a huge fear of death.



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