Tips for writing a first or *any* story!

hi there! i wanted to give some tips and things ive learnt about writing a first story. or any story in general! i am by no means a professional writer, im still in school SO. but this is all personal experience and it could vary depending on the person! lets get started!

    yes, its not a word, but idc. people are really worried about their story being cliche or generic, but lets be real here, about 98% of episode’s stories are cliche. dont be worried or feel less because your story is ‘cliche’. your story is your story! if you are still concerned, put a twist in there!

    it can be very difficult to find motivation to continue writing or even start. i myself have a VERY short attention span, so its quite a challenge to find something that inspires me to write. one of those things is MOVIES AND SHOWS!! believe it or not, most stories are sometimes based off of real events from movies, and vise versa. i find that watching a movie or show related to my story can really help me with coming up with ‘original’ ideas! also, BOOKS! now, im kinda a hypocrite on this one since i actually don’t really like books (apart from wattpad and episode LMAO) but ive read like a few real books and they’re not too bad. read stories with similar plots to yours, that way once again the inspiration will come flooding to you like a RIVER.

    i think we’ve all had this issue. you want to publish, but your afraid that it wont be good enough for your readers. LET ME TELL YOU. there are all different kinds of people out there, there’s bound to be at least 1 person who will love your story. everybody likes different things, and even more so, unique things! dont compare yourself to other authors who have more complicated directing and a more ‘interesting plot’. just go for it! whats the worse that can happen? another thing is, most of your readers arent actually authors and probably dont understand the time and effort that you put into directing and coding the story. they dont know that (most likely lol). so if you have simple directing, dont stress, boo! the dialogue between characters can really make up for the directing if you know what your doing! and, dont be down if your story doesn’t get 10000 reads in 2 days. thats normal! you’d be suprised how many people are willing to read your story, and how many people find it on the app.

yeah, so thats about it. let me know if you want another one of these! also, comment anything you’d like to ask, im always here if u want ur question answered. ive been practicing coding and writing for almost a year and a half now, and i’d say i still haven’t learnt a lot of things.


Amazing tips! :smiley:

thanks! love ur username btw <3

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