Tips for writing a good 1st chapter

Good 1st ch

Before u write yr chapter 1 make sure u:

  1. write everything down on a piece of paper about the beginning, are u going to have an intro, splashes, etc.

  2. Where are you going to start off your first scene. Please DO NOT introduce your characters, that would be a waste of others time reading.

Example: This is Anna, she is 12, etc.

  1. Your first chapter can be long or short, depending on how you want it and the directing that will take up the lines.

  2. Have choices in your first chapter, don’t bore the readers with just dialogue through scenes and not adding choices. They would love to see some choices in the first chapter. It could be customization choices, clothing choices, etc.



I really love stories that start with a flashforward. It doesn’t have to be long and you start with a lot of action,that makes the reader want to know more, and you can build up your story slowly.


What is flash forward?

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It’s the opposite of a flashback. You get to see a small part of what is going to happen in the future.
I use that trick in my stories as well. Other writers, including earlgreytea (IMAM and The Dragon Bride), start their story like that too.


Cool Tips
but I actually had a question but its more of a animation question
I’ll ask anyway
What is a good like “oops” kind of animation
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Im making a story called mine but I’m still working on it but I would love some good tip for writing. But I didn’t write on a piece of paper I just put the ideas I come with on episode but I’ve been struggling a lot my story is too short and the coding I’m struggling with. Is it a good thing to put customized ur characters on a first chapter.

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All I can say is don’t forget the importance of banter. Make your characters feel like actual people.


Sometimes, when I have really good ideas I like, I think about them to develop them further, before writing them down. It helps me remember them for future uses.

For first chapters, you need to make an impression, because readers will often decide whether or not they like the story and want to continue. I suggest using a sort of hook? Don’t just make the reader sit there, while you introduce the character. (E.G. This is you. You’re 21, a lawyer, attending criminal law and defenses crap), like @lanafrazer_episode mentioned.

Also, make your first chapter have some spice. Don’t just start off your story with a boring ass plotline, where it’s just oh-everything-is-so-normal, and then introducing that drama later on (DON’T make everything wait until the second chapters. It annoys readers, especially me, when authors say “Oh, sorry, the first chapter is boring, but it’ll get better in the fourth and fifth chapters, I promise.”) That’s so annoying, and wastes passes. Make something happen that initiates the entire plotline, to fully introduce that plotline properly, sending that character onto the beginning of their journey, e.g. the plotline that starts the entire story.


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