Tips for writing a good story?

Any tips for writing a good story? Recently got a fantastic idea for a story by another creator, who I will @ once I remember her tag. She was very sweet! You should follow her!


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Tips for a great story!

Rule 1

Be nice!

Rule 2

Be friendly!

Rule 3

Don’t be rude to others for any reason!

Rule 4

Try helping out others if possible!

Possible Rule 5

Actually have fun writing! This isn’t nessicary but it helps a good amount.


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Here are a few tips:

  1. Take your time, don’t rush yourself to meet deadlines or rush the plot cause your excited for the next thing. Take your time so that your writing is good quality.
  2. Make sure your characters aren’t two dimensional. No one can connect to a character who doesn’t have any depth to them, so explore who they are. Research more on character development.
  3. Use diversity as an asset not an addition. If you are to add diversity in your story, make sure of a few things. It makes sense, the character is more than it’s “diverse label”, the facts are right, you display them appropriately. There are many threads you can read on displaying diverse characters.
  4. Make sure the plot isn’t overdone, no one wants to read the same story with different packaging.

Thank you all very much for the tips! I will be sure to add you to my list of mentions!