Tips for writing a story and art motivation. 🙌🏾🥀

Hey, after stalking all the episode pet peeve threads, I thought it’d be convenient and hopefully helpful, to share some episode “Do’s and Don’ts when writing a story. :wilted_flower:
I’ll split each one into a section so it is easier to read, as well as understand. :raised_hands:t5::wilted_flower:
If you also have any suggestions, ideas and tips, feel free to share them down below. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Educate yourself before writing about a topic.🙌🏾

If you’re going to write about something particularly sensitive, a culture, a race, lgbtq+, etc, please, do your research!! Its is extremely important to educate yourself about these type of things before proceeding to write about them. Why? Because you have a reading audience, and if you fail to educate and write accordingly, you will without any doubt offend a lot of people. Don’t write these kind of subjects the way “you envisioned them to be about” in your head. No. Do proper research and learn and educate yourself instead. People will respect you, as well as help you willingly if you yourself is willing to learn and educate yourself about such matters. Avoid the “Italian mafia stereotypes”, along with the “black gay best friend” stereotypes. It’s old. It’s pathetic. Instead, research about the culture and country you wish to write about and it’ll improve the quality of your stories greatly. That’s all I will say for now. :heart:

**Overly long intros/outros.**

Now I’m sure we’ve all read that one story with a longer intro than the actual storyline. :woman_facepalming:t5::sob: I’m literally begging you to refrain from making your intros and outros excessively long. People don’t click on your story only to see a bunch of “turn up your volume” and the name of your story written in five diff backgrounds. People want to read the actual story. Long intros can make a reader lose interest in your story as it feels like a way of making a reader waste their passes as well as hiding the fact that their episode may only be 2 minutes; (minus the intros and outros.) Of course a lovely short and sweet intro is harmless, I sometimes like the intros of some authors myself. But let’s not over- do it. Don’t make a reader feel for your story merely because of your ten min intro. That’s all I will say on this matter for now. :heart:

Don’t change your plot for the sake of popularity.✋🏾

I feel like I’ve seen so many people with so much potential fail to get their story out there, simply because they aspire to write the way everybody else seems fit; and by that I mean writing the way all the “trending romance” stories are written. You shouldn’t write to “gain popularity.” Nor should you write a certain way because it’ll “get you a lot of reads.” You shouldn’t change all your ideas that you’ve worked so damn hard for just because you see a similar pattern of stories trending. You should write the way that you desire to write, the plot that you initially wanted to write about. I’ve seen a number of people feel like they have to change their entire storyline because they fear that it won’t get as many reads as it isn’t a “romance story”. You should write because you enjoy doing it. You should write because it’s something you aspire to do, and are good at. If you aren’t even writing about something you enjoy, i.e, fantasy, then what is the pint of even writing in the first place? You don’t live to please anybody, so don’t ever feel the need to rid all your ideas just to “fit in” with the glorified romance stereotypes which episode sadly possesses. As long as you aren’t writing anything exceedingly stereotypical, racist, offensive and sensitive, don’t feel the need to do so. That’s all I will say on this matter for now too. :heart:

Artist tips. :wilted_flower::raised_hands:t5:

Don’t change your style to match other peoples. You are talented. 💯

As well as writers, artists sometimes feel the need to change their original style to match the looks of other peoples. Don’t. We are all different for a reason. We are all unique for a reason. We all look, act and talk different for a reason. We all possess different abilities and capabilities for a reason. So it makes no sense to want to change your style to look like somebody else’s. You are talented; in your own way. Being inspired by someone is completely different from wanting to draw exactly like them. Embrace your own talent which you were gifted with. Even though some people may ignore and not appreciate you for it, there will ways be somebody out there who will see and admire your work and go “:heart_eyes::raised_hands:t5:“. And if you’re feeling like you aren’t working to your greatest abilities, listen to music. Watch tutorials. Go out for fresh air. Take a break!! Overall, everybody here is talented in their own unique and beautiful way. Period. :raised_hand:t5::sparkling_heart:

How to deal with art insults. 🤦🏾‍♀️

I’d you ever receive an insult about your art, know that whoever it is that insulted it in such a vulgar way has nothing better to do with their lives but to make other people feel insecure and upset. As I said above, do not change your style of art as a result of this. The fact that they took time out of their day to comment on your art, says more about them tbh. Although it seems hard, it’s honestly not hard to roll your eyes and ignore haters. Because that’s their job. To make people feel bad about themselves. The least we can all do is ignore them, and focus on the beneficial constructive criticism and praise from those that actually want us to improve in our art/edits.:white_heart:

Constructive criticism vs insults. 🤔

Now, I’ve witnessed some people totally confuse an “insult” for “constructive criticism.” Imma be blunt, and say if you’re hella sensitive and don’t like the feedback of others, why ask for “criticism”? Don’t ask for feedback and criticism of you are too ignorant to acknowledge their opinion and use it to better your art. Yes. You aren’t entitled to agree, but the least you could do is acknowledge their attempted help and say thank you. My main pint here is not to waste peoples time asking for feedback and constructive criticism if you can’t handle something as simple as that. Just don’t. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I didn’t section this one as I felt that everybody needed to be aware. You can’t sell episode assets. Meaning, you cannot use them for commissions or anything of the sort. If other extremely talented artists can abide by these rules, stop being so darn selfish and do the same. Nobody is exempt from their terms and conditions. To those of you doing it, please stop. It’s unfair to those abiding by the rules and episode too. We’ve all been through shit in life, but that doesn’t make it fair for people to break rules in order for their own personal issues. If everybody else follows it, you have no right not to. :raised_hands:t5::woman_facepalming:t5:
Thats all for now, really hoped this helped some of y’all out there. :pleading_face:


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Also another thing:

Updating your stories

Take your time. Don’t update if you feel your episodes need a bit of work, this goes for publishing stories too. Don’t feel the need to rush your story to be out if you still need to work on bits and pieces of it. You’re going to burn yourself out, and then suddenly writing won’t be any fun anymore. Take all the time you need. It’s better to actually enjoy what you’re doing rather than doing it for the sake of your readers. :woman_shrugging:t4: :yawning_face:


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