Tips for writing a Vampire x Human story?

So I was originally writing a story which I have decided that I didn’t really feel was me? I’ve decided to try writing something I’ve had two minds about.

I’m going to try write a romance story between a human and a vampire with my own twists and I know there’s a lot of them types of stories around and people are kinda against some?

So I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what I should and Shouldn’t do for writing this type of story!

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a good tip. think, if he was looking like a 70 year old man, would I still be okay with this?’

also would recomend not writhing the girl as a teen, go for minimum some where in her 20’s.

be original also. dont just make the 500 vampire diaries twilight story.


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Vampire stories are great. A good tip is to include vampire lore so it feels like a vampire story. Whatever you decide to do, good luck!


Don’t add “I could read everyone’s mind except yours” trope, it’s a cliche at this point


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