Tips for writing good crime stories

Any tips?
I already have the plot in mind


If u watch law and order, or any crime fighting tv series, that should help you.

This is just my view, in writing good crime stories, u need to know

  1. How the crime happened or how it began.

  2. Finding out if your character is going to be a male or female solving the case. (We need more male MC, but your choice.)

  3. Have clues, etc, like a footprint when investigating the crime scene.

  4. Let your detective talk with witnesses leading to the crime.

  5. Solve the case by looking at the clues, discussed info what witnesses have told you and your suspects.

  6. Have some background story, when witnesses are talking to you.

  7. Have some background characters in the scene, not to much but couple people.


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In your 2nd tip
I have a female detective but a male assistant, he is the mc
Will it be good

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yes thats good.

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Can you give examples of red herrings?

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what do you mean?

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Google it

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