Tips for writing narrations?

so im extremely horrible at writing narrations, if anyone has any tips i would rlly appreciate it! :))

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Do not make them too long. From some point and aftert they’ll be super boring.

Don’t add too many. Readers will stop reading your story.

Make sure what they contain is interesting and important. Don’t add things that readers don’t need

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Don’t use black screens for narration. That’s to easy… Use different backgrounds and let the characters do something on the background during narration.

  1. don’t use black screens, that’s boring and loses the readers attention. possibly use a looping background, or zoom in on a character while the narrating is happening.

  2. don’t make them too long, because it can be overwhelming and confusing to read if it’s too long.

  3. add pauses between them, so for example:

I loved him.

@pause for 1.5

But he didn’t love me.

This is my personal opinion but I don’t like reading narrations that are too long and I also like to have something else going on in the background or have an art scene to look it (basically don’t just have it set on character doing the same thing over and over again or over just a background). Also don’t narrate things constantly but having a couple good length narration really has a great impact of reader experience :+1:t4:

there is lots of tips for this lol

  • Don’t use black bg for narration.
  • Don’t write much narrations… it may become boring…
  • Add text effects/
  • I see in lots of stories… that writer writes like “He took a deep breath, his breath was heavy” and all… instead of saying this in narration… just show the animation… it make it more realistic
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