Tips for writing on mobile?


Any tips for writing on mobile online??


Here’s a tip: Don’t. It sounds harsh, I know, but it’s a lot easier to write it on the online portal and it looks better in the finished product.


I’m writing it online lmao


Writing on mobile usually links you back to the app. If not, though, I recommend investing in a bluetooth keyboard.


Ok thanks


No problem. I’m sorry for misunderstanding <3


Hey, that’s great you voiced your opinion (I find writing on the portal much easier than mobile-as I’ve not written on the app lol and prefer the portal instead) however Episode interactive included an option where users could write either online on the portal or on mobile-people can decide which one they want to write on. This question is not asking which one you like better, it’s asking for advice and tips on how to write on mobile. It’s a good idea if someone, who has experience with writing on mobile helps them out : )
Anyway, have a good day!


Yeah, I used to write on the app but I just gave up because you couldn’t really do anything. When I started on the portal I thought it was SOO much easier because you could have more actions and just more every thing. But a lot is still confusing to me like basic choices but I’m starting to get the hang of it. Thanks though!


I agree with you there, it takes some damn getting used to :joy:


Ikkk I’m just like wtf does this mean??