Tips how to make own cover using GIMP only with mouse?

Hi, I am amazed by the number of covers which are not done simply as a print screen of the story and is obviously painted in some digital program. I can draw and paint but never done any digital art…only on paper. :slight_smile:

I have GIMP but I am not experienced in it…but I am quick learner I have found out how to use it to make overlays atc…so I wonder is here somebody who uses GIMP to make covers only with a mouse? (I don’t want to buy the drawing tablet or how it is called…)

If you do…can you possibly send me a link to tutorials you have used to learn it?

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I am a digital artist but i use my phone to draw.Maybe i can help you out but what is GIMP?

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gimp is a editing software kinda like photoshop but different.

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@lanafrazer_episode Hmm I see. Thanks, love.

@Farah_DeSantis Let me link your thread somewhere people might want to help you out.

Try this:

Hi I know this video but its not what I meant . this is just adjusting of printscreen but I am looking not only to lern to make cover but also art scenes … how to really draw. :slight_smile:

Ok I have no idea how dificult it is to do it in mobile…what program do you use?

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u can draw on paper first then transfer it to the computer. there’s websites.videos how x

I use a variety of painting apps depending on the type of commission order I recieve.Would you like me to list some? You can choose the one which seems the most easiest to you.

And as @Januva said.The paper thing works a lot when you are a beginner.

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Sure anything helps. Digital art is all new to me I only got that you have to work with layers and that probably all I know…so any sugestion helps. Iam kinda despered because I start to realise I need some art scenes to my story and I like the semi realistic beautifull one which I hardly will find somebody to do free for me so I had to learn to do it myself.:smiley:

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True all semi realistic artist are commission artist.Semi realism requires a lot of time though.You’ve to practice a lot to get to that level.I’m a quick learner but still it took me like a year or so to achieve that skill.

Here are some apps and software’s that I use myself and some are recommended by renowned artists and my friends:


  • Medibang paint pro (it has a phone app as well)
  • Krita (I think i spell it wrong not quite sure)
  • paint tool sai
  • Photoshop (complicated but most artist use it)
  • Sketchbook (desktop version)


  • Adobe illustrator draw
  • Procreate (paid app)
  • Art flow
  • Ibis paint X
  • Medibang paint

PM me if you need any further help in digital art.

Hope it helps.


Thanks I will look into it and try som youtoobe tutorials.i have to try out If I have braincells for this.:slight_smile: I just wonder…when you use the phone apps you draw simply with finger?

Yes indeed.For me, my finger is the easiest tool.