Tips/How-to on Adding Overlays

Can anyone give me a how-to on adding overlays, please? Much appreciated! I know how, but I need a little extra help on:
~adding multiple overlays to a background
~how to switch overlay layers (for example, putting a character behind or in front of an overlay)
~making overlays appear later in the scene
~Any other tips you have
Thank you! :wink:

BG NAME with OL1 to … at layer … with OL2 to … at layer …

or you just create each of them!

&overlay OL1 create
&overlay OL1 scales to … and overlay OL1 shifts to … and overlay OL1 moves to layer … and overlay OL1 opacity 1 in 0
&overlay OL2 create
&overlay OL2 scales to … and overlay OL2 shifts to … and overlay OL2 moves to layer … and overlay OL2 opacity 1 in 0

&overlay OLNAME moves to layer …
@CHARACTER moves to layer …


@CHARACTER moves to layer … and overlay OLNAME moves to layer …

two ways: you create them at the beginning but set their opacity 0 and later when you need them you set their opacity 1, or you simply create them with opacity 1 when you need them

this guide has about everything you might need :yay:

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