Tips needed on highlighting skin on art

Does anyone have any tips on coloring skin for me (ibis paint) because sometimes it comes out good and others not so good



I do limelight and Ink :sparkling_heart:

I’ve been attempting and I’m trying to figure some stuff out too so if I find anything helpful I will let you know!

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Ok thx :sparkling_heart::two_hearts:

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They have beautiful covers, art scenes, splashes etc.

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Confused :sweat_smile:

They can give you tips. Lol

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Oh thx :joy::sparkling_heart:

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:joy: no problem.

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Your shading is a bit too blurry, try sharpening up the lines & putting highlights where the cheekbones & nose tip is located.

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Also, may I ask which art program you use? I know IbisPaint is free & for phones, but has a stabilizer setting so that you could get your lineart as smooth as possible. That might help it look a bit better as well, along with making the lines thinner.

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i wrote this on someone else’s thread but since you need help too then here !

(this isnt only abt coloring skin lool)

okay so im not a pro but here’s one of my examples:))


so i draw on phone & here’s what i do.

  • use the stabilizer and turn it up all the way to 10, and put on force fade
  • make the lines not too thin but not too thick
  • put both of the lengths on the force fade up too 100%
  • put the facial features on other layers so if you make a mistake you dont mess up things
  • when you color, do it on a different layer under the outline so when you color it, it doesnt affect the lines at all
  • use the magic wand ^
  • i dont use the bucket tbh, i use the brush and put it all the way up, when you do that while youre coloring anything, always turn off force fade and when youre done turn it back on
  • if you color in the same layer where the outline is, its most likely gonna mess up the lines & you have to outline it again so i wouldnt recommend doing that
  • alwaysss contour & highlight ( even the body ), there’s tutorials on youtube:))
  • always put the thing your tracing’s opacity to 50% or down so its easier<3

hope i helped bby !

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