Tips on creating a story? (Coding/directing help)



Hello I need advice. I want to make a story but i don’t quite understand coding. I’ve watch multiple tutorial videos and I still don’t understand. Any tips/advice?


Time and practice! Loads of practice, that’s how you learn :slight_smile: Any questions/errors just ask :grin:


Thank you for the advice!


Always for any story you need to start with a background. That is a must and its the first thing you need to know :slight_smile: when starting out. The rest is for you to explore, trial but most importantly have fun! It would be a long tiring and hard journey but trust me it would be fruitful in the end because of the skills gain, experience made in writing your story and the creativity you have doing it :slight_smile:


I feel you, I was about as lost as you when I began writing. I tried watching videos too, but it was completly useless - it was like they were speaking an entirerly different language.

My only advice is too just try and explore the writers portal. Maybe in the beginning, create a test story where you can try different writing tools and the different functions of the portal - a story where it doesn’t matter if you mess things up. Press the different buttons, try adding new things in your script and use the web previewer to see what the different commands do. This is what worked best for me at least, trial and error and discovering the different functions in my own pace. I should also mention that the “guides” tab on the top of the writers portal is very useful, here you can find a lot of different tutorials and they’ll show you how to get started etc.

When you start getting familliar with how to write a basic script it becomes easier understanding all of the advanced effects such as panning, zooming and spot directing. If you try out one of these things and find yourself completly lost, you can always ask here on the forums for help - so far I’ve found everyone here extremely helpful and kind :blush:

Good luck with your writing, x Puma :two_hearts:


Try to watch joseph evans videos on Youtube, they are really helpful :slight_smile:


Joseph Evans is the best <3 directing master :smiley:


Practice makes perfect! Messing around with overlays helped me a lot and on the forums there are directing help guides you can use too!

For the actual writing part make sure you have a solid idea of what you want in your story and plan ahead :sparkling_heart:


But i would see videoes and read here on the forum and just practice and of couse playing around with it, it helped me a lot :smile:


Thank you so much for all the advice. All of it is really helpful!


This whole process of learning how to direct/code is so difficult I truly don’t know how these writers do it.


It took me around a year to understand how to spot direct because I didn’t find the Joseph Evans tutorials at first. I then tried out coding on a weird story which shall never see the light of day and it started to work. I used to ask Joseph Evans for help on his youtube comments.


Believe me, neither did I when I started off.