Tips on Gaining Motivation and Keeping It 💙


Hey guys!

So as some of you may know, some months ago I started writing a story that I fully plan to write until the very end. I’ve had many plot ideas in the past, started a story and only wrote 100 lines and then given up on them.
However, I want this story to be different, yet so far I have only managed to write half of my first episode!

I’ve tried listening to music, however my mind seems to wander and before I know it, I’ve started doing something else with my time. I recently planned my whole plot out, and outlined the events of my first episode. And I have wrote a loose script on paper. These seem to have helped me a little.

But I really want to know, what are your DO’s and DON’Ts when it comes to writing to stop you getting distracted? And what do you draw your motivation from?



Think positively. (to a certain degree)
Write your ideas on paper and expand on them.
Not be afraid to add new things to your plot or story.
Think of ways you can make your events more unpredictable.
Write for yourself because the most important part is that you like your story.

Lay down while you type. (it slows me down, I don’t know about you)
Get too self-conscious about your story.
Compare yourself to other authors.

I think my motivation mainly comes from brainstorming and thinking about what’s missing on episode in terms of plot and characters. I also draw inspiration from songs and shows, but the stories come from what the songs and shows make me think about.


Omg thank you soooo much, this was really helpful!! :sparkling_heart:
I think the laying down thing is also one of my setbacks, cause I usually write in my bed where I am comfy. Maybe if I sit at a desk I will feel more like I need to do work and less like I need to relax.

Tysm again! :grin:


Things that help me:

  • Start working on a different scene
  • Starting a different episode (only works with one of my stories because it’s set up like a sitcom lol)
  • Reading over fanmail/feedback I’ve gotten in the past

What doesn’t help me is going on the forums (strangely enough) because I use it to procrastinate
And this:

So true!! Don’t do that, it’s a real anti-motivational habit, and I will literally only write two lines lying down


No problem and laying down is usually a big setback for me too.


Thanks so much for the input! I will definitely try some of the things you said! :grin:


One thing that helps me is skipping to writing the most exciting parts of the chapter. This way I get excited to the point I’m motivated to write the missing scenes so I can see it all come together!


This is a definite DON’T. I get little to nothing done because of this, yet it’s what I’m doing right now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


:joy: thanks so much for the suggestions! :sparkling_heart:


Plan your story in advance. This may take a while, but it would keep you motivated since you spent a lot of time planning it.

Read your fan mail! It makes you want to contIndie for them.

And finally, take breaks! Honestly if I have writers blick or something I might put away writing for a week. After the break you feel refreshed.

Compare your story to others

I hope this helped!


Thank you! There are some great tips here!! :blue_heart:


Sounds like you have a great start already! Writing can be hard to get the hang of and also to stay motivated. Especially at first because it can feel like no one is reading your story.

DO try and have a breakdown of what you want to happen before starting an episode. Having a rough plan can keep you from getting stuck in the middle of writing.

DO go with the creative flow. Sometimes I find myself getting carried away with dialogue or narrative but I just keep typing until its all out. You can always condense it down or change things later but you can’t force yourself to think up more when your mind is blank. Take advantage of those ideas.

DO try different things while writing and see what helps. Some days I’ll sway to the beat of the music and type my little heart out. Some days music is super distracting for me so I can’t listen.

DO take a break from writing when you need it. Sometimes we feel pressured to write and we try forcing the writing.

DO find a quiet time to write. I’m easily distracted and lose focus a lot. I now write mostly at night once everyone’s in bed and I can write in peace without distractions.

DON’T eat while writing. For me personally, eating is so distracting. I love snacking but my hands are usually too busy eating that I end up not writing.

There’s probably more but this is all I can currently think of.


Tysm, this was really helpful!! :grin:


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