Tips on getting more reads?

Anyone have tips on how to get more reads and get my story out there? Just wondering how people get like hundreds of thousands of reads really quickly.


hundred of thousands reads nobody gets quickly unless it is a famous author with a huge fan base. :slight_smile: And even they need a bit time to get to hundred of thousands reads.

But the tips:

  1. write an amazing story - if people do not like it that much no matter what else you will do the reads will not jump up

  2. get a great cover- as you can see top stories all have couple on it often and in high quality.

  3. update regulary

  4. use Instagram to promote your story

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huh. that definitely makes sense. Any tips on expanding your insta then? It seems I’ve been like stuck at the same number :pleading_face::heart:

Tags and follow hella episode accounts, this is what mine looks like.

Screenshot 2020-09-27 at 20.54.46


use tags related to the episode - you can copy the tags from the account of famous authors…also there are a lot of smaller and bigger groups in insta who supports episode stories giving shoutouts and reviews… if you are sure you have a great story ask for a public review if you get high recommendations from such review some followers of this group might want to try your story.

The essential is to keek the readers at the story - if you have fan base even small - trey will read new chapter once it is published - after publishing therefore story for some time jumps up in ranks - that helps to make it more visible if you are in top 1000/100 and more new readers will come in this period when your story is ranking highest.


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Sorry to invade in someone else’s thread but it takes me a month to publish. While writing I always give sneak peeks to keep my reads attention but should I try and write faster?

it really depends on you but from my experience after publishing the peek of rating due to the fact fans go and read new story last less than a week do theoretically to keep the highest ranking ( which attract most of new readers) would be best to update at last one chapter per week.

But this make most sence in case you reached the border of 1000 overall or 100 in genre ranking. Because then is your storry visible on the app to any reader.

I jump to this numbers for week or 2 than it drops below if I in meantime fo not publish new chapter. The more fans you will get the longer this period is because not all go read new chapter the same day it is published.

I was updating around 10-14 days but now I had to dropp to one month so I see the difference how it negativly influences the ranking.

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@xoxoalynam Getting more reads is really hard, but it is possible!
I feel like if you post a lot about your story on Instagram a lot of people will see it. Post sneak peeks and overall things about your story. It’ll attract people to read your story! Share it on here. (on the promote your story thing lol)
Share it with some of your friends!!


try reading this thread :star: :))

Hope it helps!!


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