Tips on how to get more reads


I was just wondering how to get more reads. I know that it shouldn’t really bother me but I just can’t seem to get my story out there. I have done reviews and read for reads but nothing really seems to help. If anyone has any tips, please leave them down below.


use promotion threads, ask for reviews, do read for reads and make a social media! Instagram always works best. Do follow for follow, ask people if you wanna support each other.


Ok! Thank you!


I shamelessly self promo, like this:

Hey! Go read my story ‘The Bartender’ if you’d like <3


No problemo! Here is my help and advice thread if you ever need anything:


If you want more ask for people to be in your story so its a 100% chance that they will read it and tell others to read it


OK! Thanks!


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