Tips on how to write a Mafia story?

Hello everyone, I’m writing my second episode story and i want to make it a mafia story, but I’m having some issues. I want to create a story that is about two mafia bosses have a romance, filled with drama, seduction etc. But i don’t really know too much about mafias and i don’t wanna disrespect anyone and i dont really speak other languages apart from english too fluently. So does anyone know two mafias that i can use that both speak English. PLEASE HELP

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Just a word of advice! You may want to rethink writing a story that romanticises mafia. It’s a very horrible topic and many people despise it! Note that they are not good people in real life! Just try to stick to a less traumatising subject ((:


Id recommend you change the whole mafia thing in its entirety actually. Could do rival business owners or smth, maybe not career criminals who kill children

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Not to sound offensive, but I think that PrettyJJ was asking about mafia stories for a reason and someone is suggesting not to write about it. It’s not like they were asking, if they should… I don’t support romanticising mafia, but I think that the whole point of these stories is that they can’t be realistic. A lot of people still like them. I think you’re free to write anything that you want to write about if it doesn’t offend or discriminate anyone. There are a lot of stories to choose from, so people who don’t like this subject may choose something else to read. By the way, I don’t really understand what you mean by saying

We can’t wtire about real people, it violates the guidelines, so you should create these two gangs yourself.

I guess I’d suggest not to make these bosses some kind of angels, I mean they’re criminals, they can’t have stable mental health, also it would be better if you showed that it’s not easy to build strong realtionship with these kind of people. Try to do your research on this topic and then you’re most likely to write a good story, I understand that it’s still not gonna be that realistic as I said in the first part of my comment, but at least 5-10% of realism would be nice.


Thanks everyone, I’ll think about it😅

If you set it in the Early 20th century New York where the Mafias are made up of immigrants from various countries like Italy and Ireland, you bypass this completely.
I don’t know how well historical stories work on Episode, but if you actually research the history of the Cosa Nostra, you will learn a lot that will inspire you.

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I would prefer 20% at least, personally, but that might be pushing it.

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