Tips on making a new story

It’s been awhile (3 year’s) since I’ve made my own story,im a little rusty and i need to know the things i should/shouldn’t avoid.:blue_heart:

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Well welcome back :smile:

I’ll give you a little list of things I would do/not do.

  1. Avoid cliché topics - Check out the cliché threads as they are super helpful showing you what people like and dislike

  2. Don’t feel pressured into picking Ink because it’s seems to be the most popular style atm. Go with whatever style makes you happy but I would avoid classic purely because it’s got super old technology :slight_smile:

  3. If your going to do romance, please do something unexpected! I will click off a story if I can predict the ending. I advise using plot twists to keep readers entertained!

  4. Stick to the genre! If your writing a Fantasy for example, don’t suddenly swap genres and make it comedy. It can confuse the reader and be super annoying.

  5. Try and make an updating schedule as this will save you so much hassle in the long run. Also plan the large majority of the story to start with. Do all the outfits and characters first so you don’t waste time on this when you want to crack on with writing and directing.

  6. If your going to write a story about a love triangle or something that has been overdone on Episode try to avoid it because even though they get a lot of reads, you probably won’t be proud of it at the end when you know you could have produced something of a higher quality.

  7. Don’t let the number of reads get to you. I had a story with over 80k reads which was my first ever one and I secretly Hate it because It was poorly written and could have been done so much better. My new story is the one I’m most proud of which is a completely different style but it doesn’t have as many reads although it is 100% better than the first story. You might come across popular authors who write poor content and that can be annoying because they don’t deserve it but don’t focus on the numbers. Focus on creating the story you want to.

  8. I 100% recommend Joseph Evans Tutorials on Episode, he also has one on writing a story. His videos are a life saver and he has some amazing content that will help you with your Episode journey so I recommend checking his videos out.

  9. If you want Directing tips there are countless Instagram accounts, forums threads and stories that have great examples, tips and are super inspiring. If you want to be inspired when using overlays I recommend anything by Joseph Evans or Episode_Lucky. They are legit goals :heart_eyes:

  10. The final point cause this list is waaayyy to long but always follow your gut. Don’t let others dictate what you should be writing. If you want to write a cliché story go for it lmao. If you want to write one that contains darker themes or one that is a parody of something like that, you should absolutely do it. Take breaks when you need them and listen to music while writing for inspiration. The way you write in episode and how your craft your stories is your own journey and you should never let anyone tell you how to write :slight_smile:

Hope these tips are somewhat useful lol. I hope to read your story when it comes out :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver❤

No problem! :smile: