Tips On Making A Season 2

Okay So My Story Gingerbread Man -No Gems- Season 1- Is Going GREAT!
But I Realised I’m Leaving Season One On A Cliffhanger And I Was Wondering If Anyone has Tips On Making A Season 2 and if You Act Made A Season 2 for your story how did u come up with ideas or take the time to make the characters again!


How may years have passed during season one to season too? Because characters could maybe have some development over-time.

Thanks Also In Season 2 it will be a 4 Year Time Skip And The Love Interest Does have A Ex Fiance Who Gave Birth To His Baby Daughter Simone who will be a kid in season 2

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Woah, that’s some development alright. How do you want it to end though? A happy ending or…

I Want A Sad But Happy Ending The Fiance Dies in The End Because After The Love Interest get shot she thinks he died and left her baby in a crib and shot herself but 5 months later they get married and season 1 ends with the MC telling The Love interest she Pregnant and it ends like That!

What’s the name of your story I’ll read it tomorrow and message you, bc that is ALOT to take in all at once.

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It’s Coming Out On The 31 But Thanks And I Will Promote it everywhere! So Thanks!

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No problem. :persevere: :ok_hand:

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