Tips on making overlays?

I need a lot of overlays in my story and I’d like to be able to do them myself and also backgrounds, splashes etc. Which program should I use and are there any basic tips that I should know?

I usually cut it from the creat your character section (if you’re using limelight or ink) because you can use the animation tab if you want to make specific changes on how the character looks like. Any type of software works best, I use since I used to the layout etc. I hope this helped you out.

thanks for helping me getting started!

I use Photoshop, but as I understand some people might not wanna use/download/buy it, I suggest using GIMP. It’s a free program similar to Photoshop and a little easier to learn, I started out with that too. Good luck! :heart:

Also if you’d like to use GIMP, I’ll happily explain something to you if you can’t figure it out! (:

Thanks! I’ll hit you up on that if I need any guidance!

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Sure! You’re welcome :blush:

use ibis paint x on your phone. I always struggled with making overlays until this app!

Hi again, so this is probably a stupid question but how do I cut off a section inside the picture with gimp so there’s a hole in the overlay

I’ll keep that in mind

I don’t know all the GIMP features anymore from the top of my head, but you can either use the eraser to simply erase something, lasso tool or the free selection tool then press delete on your keyboard. Roughly said.

Okay, thanks again

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No worries! :blush: