Tips on starting a story! -By an unprofessional

Hey friends!

I’m like new to the forums and yeah I had another unknown account but forgot the password so now i’m starting freshhh, with some tips that might not be soooo good but I mean a girl can try to help?

  • When you are writing a story it’s best you know what you’re going to write I mean not every detail but important things.

  • If you think about writing a story keep a positive mindset like “I’m going to have a good time writing and I won’t give up”

  • If you are writing a story and simply just do not like it you shouldn’t keep writing something that bores you and doesn’t continue to excite you.

  • Don’t and I repeat DON’T beat yourself up especially if this is your first story but in general you’ll make mistakes and we all do so don’t be so upset if you make a mistake.

  • Be healthy what i’m trying to say it like if you have this time you should not be staying up all night to finish an episode, even though many people tend to it is not good for you, you need your sleep and if you don’t have time whoever is going to read your story can wait.

  • Lastly, finished with a story, you should check over your script so if you made a mistake and you’re in time to catch it well that explains it you could correct yourself, pretty simple!

Well I hope these tips help you, umm… stay safe and don’t be on your phone if you can drive!

love, iqra