Tips on what to do in story? (Explaining in the post)

Hey there!
Okay so I’m writing a story about a human MC and a vampire LI (Totally original :roll_eyes: )
and I don’t want it to be like every other Vampire x Human story, I want mine to be unique-ish?
So could anyone give me stuff people DON’T like seeing in stories of this genre, and overused stuff in stories.
Hopefully that makes sense. If it doesn’t I’ll explain it it more detail :relaxed:


Hi I did a topic for new people:

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A lot of times, with horror stories, the supernatural part is a metaphor for something. So, a werewolf story might be about puberty and changing bodies, or it might be about survivalism out in nature, or perhaps about indigenous peoples. A vampire story might be about tradition versus modernism, or fears of growing old, or a work world sucking the life out of people. A zombie story might be about mindless consumerism or obsessive cultures.

There’s a lot more examples than that. But I think stories with supernatural characters tend to work better when there’s something more behind it.


Welcome to the community @PhoebeT!
To be honest I haven’t read a lot of vampire stories but from the ones I have, here are the common tropes

  1. Li literally kills everyone he hates by biting them-No, I don’t care if he has special powers please use normal weapons most of the time or just don’t involve killing people at all, not all vampires are bad guys :upside_down_face:

  2. Li bites MC in romantic scene-I don’t think I need to say anything else because I’m pretty sure those fangs are NOT used for this irl (But again, vampires don’t really exist irl)

To make it unique maybe make an interesting story to how Li turns into a vampire instead of the “I was born like this” thing (No offence to authors who use that storyline btw, there is nothing wrong with being a vampire from birth)


I think as long as you don’t copy things other stories have ( and then I don’t mean something someone else also used but you thought about it when you were writing without thinking “ I saw that in that story” ) it always is unique because you made it and write it the way you do. There are probably things in my story other people did but I came up with it myself I didn’t look at other stories and chose ideas out of them I know you asked something else but I wante stop say it anyway :heart:


Oh yeah I totally agree! There are a lot of authors in the past that have used these tropes really well. I love stories that really reflect the author and the issues they want to show/portray. I think that you can transform a cliche story into something incredibly unique.

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