Tips on writing a Female LI?

The title says it all. This is my first time writing a female love interest branch, and I want to make sure that I don’t make any assumptions, take short-cuts, or offend any readers.

I’ll try to summarize the story, but it’s kinda complicated, so please bear with me :sweat_smile:


The setting is in a dystopian world ruled by machines. It is a homogenous society, where everyone looks the same, acts the same, and thinks the same. (Think of what some might consider “normal” today). Basically, it’s a society designed to be “perfect,” succeeding where humanity, overwhelmed with differences, failed.

The main character, Astrid, herself is already seen as different because she is the only one in the city with a different hair/eye color, signifying her power and glory as the Sovereign’s – Ember’s-- general and girlfriend. However, she soon realizes that the city of Zoran is nothing but an illusion as everyone has been manipulated to believe whatever Ember wanted them to think. Things like: the earth is poisoned and barren when it’s really alive. He also erased his own brother and Astrid’s former lover, Kassian, from Zoran’s memory files because he tried to incite a rebellion.

Kassian and Astrid are (were) the only ones immune to Ember’s control because they were created to be different. So when Astrid gets the opportunity to join the Rebellion, led by Kassian’s succesor and created in his own likeness, she does so.

Astrid and the Rebellion leader become very close, very fast… almost as though they know each other.

… And then the story goes absolute haywire from there.

I don’t think it’s right for me to just copy and paste, although I do wish to keep most of the story intact. I was thinking that, given the strictness of the society this takes place in, I might try to add in a few scenes where Kassiopeia (Female version of Kassian) tries to come out to Amber (Female version of Ember), but it is not taken well at all. But I was thinking that when she first meets Astrid, she shouldn’t hold back about her true feelings?? The same for the Rebellion leader. As for Amber, I was thinking maybe I could add in a scene where Amber and Astrid are talking privately and then Amber blurts out something along the lines of "I know that I’m not supposed to, but I still find myself falling for you… I’m the Sovereign, what I do, people will listen to, and what I want to say is that things like love are the same, universal regardless of who it’s for… " or something like that.

Anyways, any help or feedback is appreciated, especially any tips on how to write these scenes!! :hearts:

I agree that just copy and pasting the male branch is insufficient and having Kassiopeia come out to Amber is an excellent idea. There’s not a lot I can say specifically, but I recommend researching concepts like compulsory heterosexuality and internalized homophobia so those sensitive scenes are realistic.


honestly, just write it as accurately as you can to what it’s like to be queer. the female li will have faced a lot more prejudice, discrimination and oppression than the male li will have, and it will be both accurate to and respectful of the community to actually portray the fact that falling love while being queer is very much a different experience than falling in love while being straight. as the mc and female li get closer they can open up to each other abt their coming out experiences/come out to each other, whichever fits best … you will have to put more time/overall effort into the female li scenes than you would in the male li scenes, but i promise you that it will be worth it. the community will be very appreciative of the fact that you’ve taken our perspectives on this into perspective instead of just copy+pasting the script for the male li and changing the pronouns (:


Thank you @episode.nataliem and @zerocantwrite. I’ll make sure to keep all that you’ve said in mind! I’ll definitely try my best :hearts: