Tips on Writing a Good Story!


Hello, hello! My name is Alyssa, and I’ve been reading Episode since 2015. I’ve seen all types of stories from Teen Pregnancies to Love Triangles.

I was thinking about how there are many new authors in the Episode Community each day who sometimes don’t think that the story they are writing, they don’t think it’s good enough. Sometimes, they’ll rewrite chapters over and over again.

So, today, I thought everyday. I would share two tips on how to write a good story. Here, you can also ask any questions referring to this topic, but I will not help out with any art or directing questions.

I hope you look forward to seeing what tips I can offer. :slight_smile:


I think this is a really good idea to not only to spread knowledge to new authors in the Episode Community but to also experienced authors to perhaps learn new things that they didn’t consider before.


~ T O D A Y ’ S ~ T I P S ~

Never Believe That Your Story Plot is Overused or Cliche!
Although many story plots seem overused or cliche, never think that yours is! If a story plot is overused or cliche, that’s just how people think about it general, but if you really play out the plot in a different way or change some things about it, you can really make your story different from another’s! I myself have been down this road before, I wrote a story that was about a teen mother who had to raise three kids, the story plot was overused, but, it really depended on how I wrote the story.

Never be afraid to do this, it always depends on how you do it!

Do Not Think About How Many Reads Your Story Has!
A lot of people think that the good stories are the ones that have the most reads. This statement is not always true! Some stories with a lot of reads are not always the best. It really depends on the quality and passion you put into your story. The best stories are always the ones that are unnoticed. If you put yourself to it, you will be able to strive.

Remember, it always depends on what you carry out!

Thank you for taking the time to read the tips! Tune in tomorrow for more!


Really good tips!!


Thank you. :slight_smile:


No problem I really love the idea!!


~ T O D A Y ’ S ~ T I P S ~

Always Plan Out Your Story First!
Make sure that you always plan out how you want your story to go! Although this tip seems very boring, this can really help the impact of your story. You can write the way you want your characters to be in your story instead of making it up as you go. This can really help you become a better author, and you will know what you wanna have in your story.

Use Background Extras in Your Story!
To make your story environment more lively, add in background extras. It’s kind of odd if your character and the person they are talking to are the only ones in the background, so be sure to add background extras for a more lively reader experience!

That’s all for today! Tune in tomorrow for some more tips! :wink:


~ T O D A Y ’ S ~ T I P S ~

Make Sure to Have Some Stunning Artwork for Your Story!
Make sure that your story contains some amazing artwork! Eye Catching Covers can really increase the reads your story has! If you’re also missing some cool splashes to warn your readers or remind them, they’ll get a better idea of your story too!

Don’t Overuse Backgrounds From The Art Catalog!
Stories are about sharing creativity! Be creative about yourself and make sure to display what your envisioning yourself! If you have a certain background you want, be sure to request it instead of using Episode’s BGs! Deliver more to your readers!

That’s all for today, be sure to tune in tomorrow! I am very sorry for a late one, I forgot about this topic for a bit… :sweat: