Tips on writing a story? 🍟

Any tips on Writing a story (on episode) for a beginner? Mostly coding tips plz!! Thx alot this community is rlly helpful. :heart::heart::sparkles:

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•Lots Of People Love Advance Directing
•Some Choices that matter
•Being Directly good at overlays

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Can you help me advance directing? @AMagic

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I’m good with grammar but idk about advanced directing?

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It’s very easy. Do you want me to send some links

Dont rush it. I know this story is to be shared with people but make sure you love it because if you dont others most likely wont.
Plan out the plot, one thing ive learned is when trying to wing it you’ll get far and end up getting stuck and having to delete the whole thing its frustrating.
Google is your number 1 source when it comes to coding especially advanced.
Make pleanty of characters its odd this has become my least favorite part actually i think it’s because i just wanna spend time coding and getting closer to publish my story.
And my last tip since i dont want to bombard you with them is, write when you have interest. Dont force yourself to write. You need to write when tou feel creative you do much better work. And maybe an idea pops up in your head but your not near a computer to code it, write it down. Some big parts in my story just come up as im writing them and thats a okay! If you ever need help or motivation im here!!

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Hmm…advanced directing.

If you want to vertical zoom up and down on a character look here:

Spot directing is here. She also has a thread on spot walking:

I’m not sure what you’re looking for in particular. If you need anything else let me know :wink::smile::revolving_hearts:

Sure thx for ur help

Ill try using them. Thx.

Thanks alot. :heart:

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