Tips on Writing story (planning/organizing)

Long story short I have had a story idea for YEARS (3-4 yrs) I have published some form of it 1-2 times with just one episode, since I’ve always been eager to purplish it. However, overtime I found myself not knowing how to continue the story since it seems like I have the plot in my head but I just can’t plan it out! If I do I want to get OVERLY specific which leads to me not doing anything.

How do you guys plan out your story in the course of episodes so you don’t finish too quickly or make it inconsistent (if that makes sense?) do you dump your idea and then build off that?


Personally, I dump every single idea I have into a google doc, then create a slideshow for each episode so I can better understand where everythings going and whats happening. Other times I’ll write all of the dialogue and scene changes so I know where everythings being set then I go in and put the directing and animations etc.
ps: sorry if this wasnt helpful


Personally, I separate my planning into a general planning and a more detailed planning.

General planning

For general planning, I just have a plan of how many chapters in total that I plan to write and the main events that occur in each chapter. This is just to help me get my ideas organized and for me to have a more logical outline

Detailed planning

For this, I try to write out a script for each of the chapters before starting coding just so it can make everything easier for me as I can find the backgrounds and overlays beforehand.

Hope this is helpful! :laughing:


Yes, it was helpful! I like the slideshow idea.

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I’m definitely going to the general planning as that is what I struggle with. I like the episode idea.
Thank you!


This is so smart! I am in the same boat as @/nobdy where I’ve had this story idea forever but don’t know how to execute it. I will be doing the slide idea!!

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