Tips to enjoy writing episode stories BY: MeanGirl



Hello Episodians!

Today I will be giving some tips, on how to enjoy writing Your stories, on episode’s website.
Im sure there are people out there who are super lazy, and stop writing because they are not energized anymore, like me😏 But there are few tips to improve your laziness.

:heart:️Tip- 1
Put some relaxing music and get comfy, if your using a phone you could get cozy, and if your using a PC, you could sit on a chair, you could put music from your phone if your using your PC, if you are using your phone, you could use your PC, another device, OR use Spotify for backround music, YOUR CHOICE!
This calms you a lot and insists you to stay on your device and keep writing.
Its really useful!

:heart:️Tip- 2
You could setup your table so when you are writing a story on your PC, you can Ben peaceful, I recommend having your table clean, and setup for your PC, this ususally is easier to Relax and put your hands on the table, and not worry about the stuff around you, because usually when your writing, the stuff and the mess around you, DOSENT fix the problem, and it increases the problem, of not wanting to write in that table.
Its helps a lot if you do clean your table and organize it.

:heart:️Tip- 3
When your writing something with ANY, ANY device, you could get some of your favorite drinks.
Like sips tea
Really helps your mind calm down and focus,you could even get some snack, not recommend anything that then messes up your screen, like when your using your smartphone, and then your eat Doritos, then you start writing, then AND THEN, The screen is a mess, that actually stops you from writing.
Recommend a plate, or something more casual and easy to handle.

:heart:️Tip- 4
The last tip.
This tip might sound not useful but…
This tip helps you A LOT.
When you’re writing a story you might get weak and not wanting to use your head to observe what you’re writing or your hands to work, the best thing to do is pause. Pausing is useful to your body.
So BACK OFF FROM YOUR DEVICE for a little, then come back, go back, eat, and then get some ideas.

:joy:Tip- 5
Ik, last TIP!
This tip is really useful.
When you are too lazy to think of ideas for your story, you might as well have no other choice more than write down shiz, so the best thing to do is when you take a nap/sleep you should force your brain to imagine the story, and think of what can happen next in your story, i usually imagine the scenes… and it helped me a lot. A LOT! Even tho it sounds stupid…
My last words are…
You won’t regret, you even will sleep faster.

THATS ALL FOR TODAY! Thanks for reading!
Note by MeanGirl.


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