Tips to make a slowburn story?

I don’t want the relationship to be rushed. My story is basically about 3 young adults trying to navigate through life in college. They continue to learn and grow. However in the first episode, Andrea brings a new guy which is the LI and he’s gonna live with them because he lived with his cousin but they got evicted and I want the mc and the li to have a slowburn type of relationship so any tips?


Have barriers. y can’t certain characters b in a relationship? Do they have trust issues? No time? Theses r good questions to think abt before writing :white_heart:


Base it off of real life and real relationships, and for one of the love interests make it seem like they have a lot of differences that can go on for the majority or the story, like it don’t have to be a completely hate or dislike but it can be little things they say or do that can prove to one another that they don’t attract each other, andddd then something clicks and nobody would expect the infatuation that they both gain for each other, like it could be completely out of no where but reasonably make sense too, also to make it a slow burner focus more on the Main Characters passions and career in the beginning of the story and then the middle is when she starts getting romantic with her love interests.


Okay first, do not make the LI act flirty or anything towards the MC straight away. Also, display the MC’s and LI’s fondness towards each other more like an “attraction” first. Bring in some barriers which will make them realize that what they have isn’t love, just attraction. Throughout the story, try to have the reader feel that the both of them are learning a thing or two about each other with every passing day, their hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. And finally when you feel that it’s the right time, make them (the mc and li) realize that now, they’re actually in love. If you have a happy ending in mind then make it that way. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not the biggest fan of sad endings btw, lol


I always think it’s fun to have “almost” moments where the two people have a moment- but the situation they’re in gets in the way, as well as their own fear. Have it build up and make the reader so frustrated by the fact that these people obviously want to be together- don’t rush into .sex… or anything like that until you have laid (lol, get it, laid?) the foundation for this relationship- MAKE IT FRUSTRATING LOL




the li has adhd so maybe that can be a barrier


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