Tips to new writers?

Hi, I would say find the best way to plan your episode, some writers will write out a plan first, then write/code it, while some writers, like me find it easier to write with no planning. Also make sure you enjoy it! Don’t feel as if you have to code all the time, it’s ok to take a break! Hope this helps :blob_hearts:

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I like making an outline, and going off that! So I can change and throw curveballs in my story as I go along, but have a guideline of how I want my story to go. I write first then edit later, it makes it more efficient! I also recommend taking thought that this can take a long time to make, it is very challenging! But with that, remember it’s also so fun, so enjoy it as much as you can! And always remember the Episode community has your back to help you with whatever you need! I hope this helps! :hugs::blob_hearts:

hi! if you need a in-depth guide on beginner coding, you can check out my thread: Beginner Coding with Nameera

a lot of my tips are shared there, and i don’t want to miss anything by typing it all out again.

Sounds like a great tip! Thank you. Will keep that in mind and for sure find what fits me. I will try to have fun with. Probably should take a break now, I have been going for hours now - but just this one error that keeps bugging me :rofl::sweat_smile:

I have actually made myself a test story with no actual intention other than to learn how to code - so I can make sure I know it before I start my actual story. :heartpulse:

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That sounds like a great idea. Will do that when I start my actual story. So many ideas I am looking forward to get down.
And for sure already know it takes time :rofl: I am going for hours already. But it is so fun and relieving when it works! So thankful for this community - it helps me a lot! Thank you again :heartpulse:

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Thaaaanks!! I will check it out - it for sure will be helpful :two_hearts:

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Plan out your story before writing it so you don’t have writers block and it will be easier to write.

Write stories that makes you happy, that you will be proud of.

Learn how to code and direct.

If you want to relax while writing put on some low music and eat something.

Good luck! :green_heart:

So grateful for all of these tips! U guys are the sweetest - thank you.

Right now I am in the process of learning how to code and direct - after that I can finally get the ideas for my actual story down. :orange_heart:

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No problem! If you need help with coding or directing feel free to PM me. :heart:

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Reading guides on the forums / asking others for coding help is definitely one of the quickest ways to start learning how to code episodes. :kissing_heart:

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I had a mentor I went to before anyone else. She was really nice and helped whenever I had a question. As I grew, I didn’t ask her as much, but she was a large component in my learning. Joseph Evans and Dara Amarie are also great people to learn from. But yeah, if you ever need a mentor or anything I’m sure people would love to do that. (I know I can do it, though may people here are just as much of a possibility)

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Your tips are actually so helpful! A lot of you mention that it is a good idea to reach out to you guys on here for help and that has worked so well! I am so grateful for people being so nice and willing to help out! :heartpulse: and I will for sure not be afraid to ask for help when I know so many people are willing to!

Joseph Evans makes tutorials on youtube here is his playlist. the first ones are pretty old . but most still works same way

Thank you / Tak :wink: - I am already watching his videos, I really find them helpful!


Hey there!
I’m Ella, and I have been writing on Episode for six years now and I still find it as entertaining as I did when I started!

The commands seem a little daunting at first, and screen directions are very spersific, and sometimes difficult to navigate. I found it helpful to browse some forums, and funnily enough, i wrote an entire post for beginners if you would like to use it. the link is here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and i will help asap.

~ Ella

Thank you! Waow, really cool to now! I will use some of your tips from your post! They seem awesome! It is really nice knowing I can reach out, means a lot!

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No worries! Always happy to help a fellow writer. Thats why this community is so awesome in my opinion! :slight_smile:

~ Ella

I am also so amazed about this community! Everyone so far have been nothing but sweet and helpful - makes me wanna continue to learn :orange_heart:

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