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Hello fellas.
Today I will cover a few more things, some of you might find interesting.

Background characters
You’d be surprised how many writers avoid it.
This is a really time-consuming process, but it makes scenes look more dynamic. I read some stories where writers don’t put BG characters, and to be honest I didn’t notice it until later episodes. When it is like this every time, just talking characters on the screen, scenes start to feel empty.
Effect is worth the effort.

Filter use
This feature is present for quite some time already, but I think it’s not appreciated enough.
I happened to read stories, where writers show flashbacks, but don’t put any kind of filter, or at least transition between scenes. This can be very confusing.
Besides this point, the filter can be a very nice visual complement to the scene. For instance, in my story most of the scenes happen in “nowadays”, but there are some scenes from the past (17th century), so for these ones I use the filter. It helps to distinguish times.
What can be done besides using filters, if none suits your story? Try to use overlays as filters.
For the same story I, for example, used simple white (around 15-20% transparent) overlay, as a filter for dreams. With the overlay, used as a filter, you have one more advantage, as you can place some characters behind the filter, and some in front.
Guide How to Fade Characters
How to Use Filters

Non-instant zooms

Now, we’ve talked about the importance of zooms.
What is one of the things that you can do bad with zooms?
Placing non-instant zooms through all the conversation
Sometimes I feel like some writers don’t know that you can put instant zoom Just in case @zoom on xx xx to xx% in 0.
Why is it bad? Welp, for starters it’s annoying as f*ck. Second thing. If the conversation takes more than a few phrases, and you’re using non-instant zooms, it makes pauses between phrases too big and makes these conversations less realistic.

Secondary characters customization
Just a note, a few sometimes forget. Always add a short description to any secondary character’s customization. No need to write a 10 line synopsis, but a short description will work.

Naming background characters
Well, it is clear, you don’t have to name BG characters if they don’t speak at all. But if they say at least one phrase - just write some random name. This is one of these little things, that might seem insignificant, but they show your “professionalism”.

Using forward/at_camera animations

If your story isn’t built around the 4th-wall-breaking-concept - don’t use these animations. These animations are either for this concept or for author’s introductions :confounded:. End of discussion.

Next time I will cover realism and execution of some common plot ideas .

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