Tired of Teen Pregnancy/Bad Boy Stories


Does anyone else feel the same?


You’ve got a good point. One example is “Blake”, which is about abuse, but has both as well.


Blake is pretty good, although, going back to Grace, I kinda feel like it went the ‘bad boy pregnancy’ route. Though, I suppose those stories don’t go as far as Grace has…


I actually started reading Grace, what happens, though?


Unless you don’t care about spoilers, you should read it for yourself. :wink:


Aww… I’ve gotta stop reading Becoming Queen Bee for a bit.


It’s worth it! Even though I despise Alden with a burning passion, I still found something to enjoy.


They are pretty cliche, and plus, there everywhere.


I like dripping mascara




Dripping mascara?


Alden? Isn’t that Aldo and Joane’s son? What’d he do?


Also, on a completely unrelated note, can you read my story “Cruelty of Ice”? It’s different from most stories, and I need feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:




So glad that there’s people who can relate! :+1:


Yes I am mostly because bad boys are all the same

Fuckboys that sleep around and start fights.
I’m sorry I like a guy that I won’t need a hazmat suit when I’m around them.


Oh, absolutely. Most boys I know of (not ALL) are “fuckboys”, or bad boys. Plus, what’s the point of promoting teen pregnancy?



If a story explained the hardships of a pregnancy and didn’t just focus on the relationship of the parents. (Or glorify their sexual encounters)
I don’t think I would mind that.


Yes and no, I’m guilty of this one. It’s not the topic that is tiring, it’s how the story is written, I recently finished a 72 episode novel about all the clichés, teen pregnancy, love triangles, dramatic comings with the law, but overall I really enjoyed reading it due to how skilled the author was. I don’t think the blame is with the topic itself, but the writer.


Eh. I also think that’s fine, but as long as it’s not too explicit. It’s just that they’re. Everywhere.